Grants for training:

  • Full (provide the right to free training)

  • Partial (cover up to 90% of the tuition fee)

  • Are provided to students of all Master programs

  • For students, who are entering the 1st year of studies, the grants are distributed according to the results of entrance examinations, including the winners of the NES Olympiads.

  • For current students, the study grants are revised throughout the academic year depending on the results of academic performance.

    The procedure and criteria for the review of grants are determined by the Regulations of financial support for NES applicants. Regulations 2017 >>> Regulations 2018 >>>

Regional grants

  • Students of all programs can apply for regional grants, which are provided to students who do not live in Moscow and the Moscow region.

  • Regional grants are generally not revised during the entire training period

Grants for dormitory

  • Full (provide the right to free accommodation)

  • Partial (cover up to 70% of the cost of living in the dormitory)

  • Are provided to students of all Master programs

Grants for participation in summer schools, scientific conferences, exchange programs

  • A student of any basic educational program at NES can apply for a grant

  • The decision to provide financial support for the received applications is made on a competitive basis

  • Applications are accepted at the NES Student Affairs Centre

  • In order to participate in the grant competition it is necessary to provide:
    A completed application (approved by the Directorate of the training program). Download the form >>>

    A recommendation from the NES

NES can establish other types of financial support and incentives for students through targeted donations, donations for the implementation of the statutory activities of NES and funds received from income-generating activities, including:

  • Full or partial compensation of students expenses for participation in scientific and educational seminars, competitions, championships and other inter-University and international events in order to obtain additional knowledge and skills outside the NES programs where they study;

  • Full or partial compensation of costs for the purchase of textbooks and professional literature;

  • Full or partial compensation of the cost of travelling home for non-residents;

  • Academic awards for outstanding academic and scientific achievements;

  • Other forms of encouragement for students with high achievements in educational, social, scientific and innovative activities.

The decision to provide financial support is approved by the order of the NES chancellor on the basis of the Protocol of the Commission on scholarship and financial support.

Tuition and financial support for applicants in 2018  >>>


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