Career Development and Leadership Center

The Career Development and Leadership Center (CDLC) is a department of the New Economic School that coordinates the employment of students.

CDLC aims to help NES students and graduates find their place in the professional world, learn how to plan their careers and achieve their career goals.


CDLC Mission 

To provide students and graduates with expanded opportunities in job search and career development by offering effective tools for career planning and the best professional fulfillment.

The Center provides career guidance as well as information and consulting assistance to NES students and graduates in their positioning in the labor market, acquiring the necessary skills of self-presentation, and establishing relationships with employers.


CDLC Activities

  •   Assistance to students in employment and adaptation in the new workplace.
  •   Collaboration with employers of various types and forms of ownership.
  •   Collaboration with employment services and career centers of universities.
  •   Establishing and developing contacts with recruitment companies and employment centers.
  •   Establishing and collecting feedback from graduates.
  •   Analytical work.
  •   Active advertising and educational campaigns.

3 Nobel Street, NES

Skolkovo Innovation Center

143025, Moscow, Russia,

Tel. +7 (495) 956-95-08, ext. 243

e-mail: careers (at)



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