Visa Requirements

NES offers foreign students a student visa. NES provides an invitation letter and then students apply for a visa at a Russian Consulate or through a visa service.

Visa Application

∙ Before even beginning the visa process, make sure that your passport is valid for the duration of your stay plus 6 months.

∙ E-mail the application form and a scanned copy of your passport to [email protected]

∙ If you are married and have children that will be coming to Russia, they will need to submit scanned copies of their passports. You should also submit marriage and birth certificates, as well as the visa application form for them.

∙ Once NES receives these documents, NES begins the process of getting a letter of invitation. This takes 14 business days. The letter of invitation will be sent via FedEx to the address listed in your application.

∙ Those who come on student visas should initially be 18 when applying for a single-entry visa. Once you arrive in Moscow, we will begin the process of issuing you a multiple-entry visa.

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