IT Services

Information and technical support of the educational process in NES is based on workstations integrated in a local area network, with high-speed Internet access, on the educational process management system my.NES  and multimedia equipment for lecture halls.

NES has a computer class and a reading room equipped with workstations for students. There are 15 workstations in the NES Library, providing electronic data sources and to other NES information resources. All NES lecture halls are equipped with a set of sound reinforcing equipment, projection equipment and workstations. In addition to EBS and educational management systems, students have access to server computing resources of the NES and specialized software packages. Licensed versions of Microsoft and other software vendors are installed on NES workstations. Students on the NES campus have access to the local NES computer network and the Internet, including by connecting to a WiFi network using their personal universal network. NES identifier.

An information system is used to interact with IT support for the educational process management system, on all other IT related issues - You can also contact the IT department for help by sending a letter to [email protected], either in person at the office 225 (left open space).

The entire educational life of students in NES is closely connected with the information system my.NES. In it you can not only find out your grades and ratings, download homework and ask questions to the teacher, but also read the programs of previous years, find out about the availability of books in the library, take part in surveys concerning all aspects of NES life.


Technical Support Information System my.NES:

IT support (not my.NES):

office 225, 2nd floor

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