Computer Classes

Most of the courses taught at NES are focused on the active use of computer technology. This primarily refers to courses in mathematical statistics and econometrics. So, for example, in the courses “Econometrics 1, 2, 3”, students must perform econometric studies on their own, which requires, in addition to general software (text editor, spreadsheets), the use of specialized econometric packages (Eviews, STATA, GAUSS, Gretl).

There is one computer class on the NES campus: room 356 with 20 workstations (76.8 sq.m.) All workstations of the computer class are of the same type and are desktops based on Intel core i5 with 8GB of RAM and solid-state drives in the part of the data storage subsystem. Computer lab is equipped with printers available to any NES student.

From NES computer class, you can access both the internal NES information resources (server computing power, specialized software packages, my.NES IS, etc.) and Internet resources. All workstations of NES computer class have access to the Internet with filtered traffic.

The list of specialized software packages available in NES computer class includes such products as: Stata, Matlab, Eviews, Maple, R, Gretl, Gauss, Scilab, Thomson Reuters Eikon, Python, MiKTeX, Consultant Plus.

NES students who observe the rules for using the computer class have 24-hour access to NES.

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