NES and Yandex School of Data Analysis joint program

Masters in Economics and Data Science


This highly selective program offered jointly by NES and SDA (Yandex School of Data Analysis) provides students with the skills necessary for developing effective data-driven business solutions. The global demand for such professionals is high in many industries. The cost of the program is 530,000 rubles per year. 


About us

Dual degree program of NES and EDS.


Full-time, 2 years

Who should apply

University undergraduates (the last year of study) and graduates with a strong mathematical background and basic programming skills.

Admission 2022

The target class size is 15 students.



Curriculum is comprised of four fundamental components

Micro- and macroeconomics

Economic models of supply and demand, market competition, profit optimization, price discrimination, and government regulation.


Assessment of economic models, causal inference, time series analysis, features of economic data analysis.


Tools for fast and efficient data collection, processing and analysis, and process automation.

Mathematical methods of machine learning

Tools for text, images and videos analysis, classifying and clustering of objects and working with big data.




Professors with PhDs from top universities (Harvard, MIT, Oxford, etc.), leading researchers in the fields of economics and business, with extensive academic experience.


Instructors in Yandex SDA are leading experts in the tech industry.  Together, the two faculties provide students with a unique combination of theory and practice.

Research and useful links

The scope of applications of data analysis to economics problems is extensive. Below are examples of research papers by NES professors, teaching in the EDS program:


Leveraging the Power of Images in Managing Product Return Rates (D. Dzyabura, PhD, MIT)

Managing Relational Contracts (Marta Troya Martinez, PhD, Oxford University) 

The Long-Run Effects of a Public Policy on Alcohol Tastes and Mortality (E. Yakovlev, PhD Berkeley University of California)

Large Bets and Stock Market Crashes (А. Obizhaeva, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Useful links to lectures and presentations in economics





Admission requires passing two sets of exams


  1. SDA Entrance exam (programming, mathematics, algorithms, basic data analysis, interview)
  2.  English exam at NES (either NES exam, NES Olympiad, or international certificates)


Please submit two applications:


  1. Submit an application at SDA. The SDA admission process begins in April and ends in May, 2022.
  2. Apply at NES (June, 1 – July, 20, 2022). You have to pass an exam in English (July, 30).


We will be glad to answer your questions about the program

Daria Dzyabura (PhD MIT)

Associate Professor of Marketing, NES

Academic Director

Irina Shafranskaya (mail to [email protected])

Executive Director

[email protected]

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