Writing & Communication Center

The Writing and Communication Center (WCC) at NES serves the needs of current students, alumni, faculty, and staff.  We support students in their efforts to become stronger writers and speakers and  assist faculty in integrating written and oral communication into their courses.  A unique feature of the NES WCC is its commitment to maintaining the highest levels of academic literacy in two languages, English and Russian.

We are also happy to meet with faculty and staff members who wish to enhance the quality of their written and oral academic communication. Specifically for faculty, we offer editing and Russian to English translation services for articles, abstracts, and papers.

WCC services are available only to NES students, alumni, faculty and staff.

For announcements, subscribe to our Telegram channel https://t.me/NES_WCC or follow us on V Kontakte https://vk.com/wccnes.


We believe that effective communication is key to academic and professional success, cultural awareness and personal growth.

The vision of the Center we bring to the NES community is that of a place where both beginning and advanced writers and speakers can grow, not a "fix-it-shop" where "weak" students go to correct papers. Following the prevalent principles of writing center pedagogy, the WCC at NES concentrates on the strengths and needs of each learner as evident in their work, so they can have a long-term learning advantage rather than a mere editorial service. During sessions, WCC consultants employ the Socratic method of thought-provoking questions to promote critical thinking and to help students become independent, empowered writers and speakers with distinct voices.


"The WCC is a great opportunity for NES students to improve their writing and speaking skills. The consultants give feedback after every session and they really help to understand your mistakes." — Vasily, MAE 2014




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