Babina Ekaterina

Vice-Rector for Development

Borodina Tatyana

Affiliate programs manager

Byakina Yulia

Executive Program Director, "Masters in Economics and Data Science"

Chakhutina Vera

Lead Specialist, Admissions and Education Marketing Department

Chibisova Inna

Leading Fundraising Manager

Chikunov Nikita

Photographer, Communications Department

Evsikova Olga

Head of the Events and Travel Department

Kanaeva Olesya

Head of Admissions Unit

Kasabieva Zarema

Vice-Rector for Strategic Enrollment management, Student Affairs and Alumni Relations

Kornysheva Yulia

Chief Accountant

Kosinov Alexander

Maintenance & Fire Security Engineer

Krutikov Dmitry

Deputy Director of the NES CSDSI

Kryukovskaya Olga

Manager of the Career and Leadership Development Center

Kulagina Olga

Head of Documentation

Kuzmenko Elena

Head of Office Management

Lavrikova Veronika

Executive Assistant to Vice-Rector for Enrollment, Student Affairs and Alumni Relations

Luchenkova Irina

«Masters in Finance» Executive Educational Program Director

Luksha Olga

Coordinator of Career and Leadership Development Center

Mansurov Ruslan

Head of Educational Regulations Unit

Mikhailova Anastasiya

NES Website Content Manager

Morozova Yulia

Event and Business Trip Manager

Morozova Elena

Head of Communications Department

Pavlova Natalia

Deputy Vice-Rector for Corporate Projects

Petrova Natalia

Executive Program Director

Sibiryakova Irina

Head of the Alumni & Student Interaction Department

Silaeva Irina

Rector’s Personal Assistant

Simonova Elena

Executive Program Director

Snegireva Alexandra

Research assistant (NES CSDSI)

Sterkin Philip

Editor of the Podcast "Economics Out Loud"

Sulbaev Alexander

Information Resources Specialist

Tolmacheva Ekaterina

Manager for Work With Donors

Tsybuleva Natalia

Leading Researcher

Vanchikova Seseg

Deputy Director of the NES CSDSI

Volkova Svetlana

Director of the Career and Leadership Development Center

Voronin Vitaly

Vice-Rector for Financial Affairs

Yurkova Olga

Lead Manager with graduates

Zharov Ilya

Development Director

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