The Don Patinkin Library of the New Economic School was established at the time of the School’s foundation to support the NES forward-looking curriculum in the field of economics that was all-new for Russia. The first monographs and textbooks formed the library in the 1992-93 academic year. Today, its collection boasts first-class international study books and academic literature, as well as periodicals. According to the idea of the distinguished scholars and NES founders, the library was designed to promote and foster the School’s educational, academic and popular science projects, and to serve as a source for their ongoing development. In 1995, the library was named after Don Patinkin, a renowned economist and professor of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who played an important role in the establishment of NES.


Size and Structure of the Library

The library’s printed collection currently includes about 28 000 volumes.

Monographs by the most distinguished theoretical scholars published by leading international academic institutions (The MIT Press, Harvard University Press, Cambridge University Press, Edward Elgar, Basil Blackwell Publishers, etc.) make up the core of the collection. This allows it to maintain its high quality level.

It is noteworthy that the library received hundreds of volumes as a gift from scholars who visited NES or taught at the School. The most important contributions came from the personal collections of Don Patinkin (1996) and Zvi Griliches (1999) who handed over to NES more than 800 volumes.

The collection of study books is formed in accordance with the School’s curricula and educational programs. It includes a wide range of textbooks on Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Mathematics, Econometrics, Statistics, Game Theory, Probability Theory, Labor Economics, English, History, Philosophy, Sociology, etc. The acquisition of textbooks is a priority in the development of the library. NES strives to provide a personal set of educational literature to every student; therefore, textbooks make up a larger share of the library. Students get their sets of textbooks for each module, or, if necessary, for the whole academic year. As the curriculum expands and new courses are introduced, new textbook titles appear in the library.

The library has a collection of important and valuable reference publications. These include Handbooks in Economics and Handbooks of Statistics from the Elsevier academic publishing company, as well as Palgrave encyclopedias and encyclopedic dictionaries (in Economics, Law, Money and Finance).

A notable part of the NES Library is the collection of international academic journals. It has electronic archival collections of the following titles: JSTOR journals; Elsevier subject collection in Economics, Econometrics and Finance on the ScienceDirect platform; journals published by Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, etc. (NEICON archive of academic journals).

The NES Electronic Resources include an e-library system, electronic journal collections, and e-databases for educational and research activities. In accordance with the requirements of the Russian national educational standard, along with printed editions, the NES Library acquires electronic scientific and educational textbooks, journals, reference publications and encyclopedias, including those included in the e-library system. Each student gets individual unrestricted access to the e-library systems University Library Online and Lan', containing publications on the subjects that he or she studies. These resources are formed in agreement with the copyright holders of respective educational and methodical literature, and they can be used from any device with access to the Internet.


Financing and New Arrivals

The NES library is an academic and educational library of a non-government, non-profit educational institution and is funded by NES resources.



Since October 2004, the NES Library has been a member of the Non-for-profit Partnership "National Electronic Information Consortium" (NEICON). It brings together hundreds of institutions and provides access to databases and publications belonging to dozens of Russian and international publishers and information owners.



The NES library has electronic information library systems MARK-SQL and MARK-SQL–Internet. The e-catalog is available online here >>>


Technical Equipment of the Library

22 workstations in the reading room are equipped with laptops, PCs, and a printer.


Reader Service

All services are provided in the reading room and through the loan department. The library serves the faculty, students, attendees, and staff. Specialists and students of other universities and academic institutions can also use the services of the reading room. New arrivals are regularly exhibited for the users in the library's reading room.

Consultations are regularly held on the use of the catalog and of electronic resources.

Users can contact the library staff by e-mail and renew their book loan.


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