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Лаборатория исследования социальных отношений и многообразия общества

Natalia Volchkova / Наталья Волчкова

Профессор экономики

к.э.н., ЦЭМИ РАН
post doc, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Homepage / Домашняя страница


Contacts / Контакты

Офис #2.32, ул. Новая, д.100
143026, Россия, Москва, Сколково
Тел: +7 (495) 956 95 08 доб. 258
E-mail: nvolchkova (at) nes.ru

Courses taught at NES / Преподавание в РЭШ

International TradeApplied Trade Theory and Policy

Research interests / Исследовательские интересы

International Trade, International Trade Policy

Research / Научные исследования


Foreign Direct Investment and Governance Quality in Russia" (with Olga Kuzmina and Tatiana Zueva), Journal of Comparative Economics, forthcoming >>>

“The Corporate Governance Role of the Media: Evidence from  Russia” (with Alexander Dyck  and  Luigi  Zingales), Journal   of   Finance  (June 2008) >>>

“Integration of banking and industrial capitals in export-oriented industries” (in Russian), Economic and Mathematical Methods, 2000, 3 

“Search  for  periodicity  in  light  variations  of  the  isolated  Herbig  Ae-star  WW Vulpecular”, Astrophysics, 1993, 36, 1

“Investigation of light curves of young irregular variables: SV Cep and CQ Tau”, (with co-authors) 1993, Astrophysics, 36, 1

“Surface non-homogeneity of T Tau stars and the structure of their stellar winds”, (with co-authors) 1992, in the “Lecture Notes in Physics”, 397, Springer Berlin

Working papers and non-refereed publications “Export costs of visa restrictions: evidence from Russia” (with Natalia Kapelko) >>>

“How costly is exporting: an empirical assessment of trade model with heterogeneous firms?”>>>

“Searching for Dutch Disease: Natural Resources and Industrial Growth” (with Mikhail Leonov) >>>

“Human Capital, Industrial Growth and Resource Curse” (with Elena Suslova) >>>

“Sectoral and regional analysis of industrial electricity demand in Russia” (with Svetlana Egorova) >>>

“Russian business groups: substitutes for missing institutions?” >>>

“Russia–South Africa Relations: Collaboration in BRICS and the G-20” (with Maria Ryabtseva), SAIIA Occasional Paper #135, 2013 >>>

“Russian Regions and Russian Firms: Output and Export Diversification”, CEFIR WP 2011 >>>

“Costs of exporting: evidence from Russia”, CEFIR WP 2011 >>>

“Russian Trade and Foreign Direct Investment Policy at the Crossroads” (with David Tarr), World Bank Policy Research WP 5255, 2010 >>>

“Explaining Growth in Russia”, GDN working paper, 2002 (with co-authors)

“Does Financial-Industrial Group Membership Affect Fixed Investment: Evidence from Russia”, CEFIR Working Paper, 2000.

Books and chapters:

"Russian Trade and Foreign Direct Investment Policy at the Crossroads" ( with David Tarr) in M. Alexeev, S. Weber (eds) Handbook of Russian Economy, 2013

“How diversified is Russia”, in S. Commander, A.Plekhanov and J. Zettelmeyer (eds.) Diversifying Russia, EBRD, London, 2012

“Foreign direct investments in Russia”, in M. Schapiro and D. Trubek (eds) Law and Development: a dialogue between the BRICs, Saraiva Press, Brazil, 2011 (in Portuguese)

“Trade and Foreign Direct Investment Policy at a Crossroads” (with David Tarr), in A.Aslund, S. Guriev and A. Kuchins (eds.)  Russia after the Global Economic Crisis  Peterson Institute, 2010

“Trade Policy as an Instrument of Russian Economic Development” in V. Polterovich (ed.) Modernization strategy for Russian Economy, 2010 (in Russian)

“Evaluation of the consequences of social reforms: monetization of social benefits and housing and communal services reform” (with co-authors), Moscow Public Science Foundation paper series “Independent economic analysis”, #179. M.: MPSF, ICSS, CEFIR, 2006 (in Russian)

“Reasons for Russia's energy dependent industrial structure: Dutch Disease vs. underdeveloped institutions” in “Role of Trade Policy and WTO Accession in Russian  and  CIS  countries  economic  development”,  World  Bank,  2005  (in Russian)

“Microeconomic Estimation of the Consequences of Tax Reform” (with co- authors), Moscow Public Science Foundation paper series “Independent economic analysis”, #156. M.: MPSF, ICSS, CEFIR, 2004  (in Russian)

"Down and Up the Stairs: Paradoxes of Russian Economic Growth" (with co- authors) in "The Economic Prospects of the CIS: Sources of Long Term Growth", G. Ofer and R. Pomfred (eds.), Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd., 2004

Policy Projects:

“Assessment of barriers to integration in Eurasian Economic Community” for Eurasian Economic Commission, 2012-1013

Research on the implementation of the OECD recommendations in the area of improving governance and regulatory policy, for Ministry of Economy, 2012

Assessment of the economic effects of accession of the Republic of Tajikistan to the Customs Union, for Eurasian Bank for Developement, 2012

Comparative analysis of the programs of modernization and development of the Common Economic Space economies and the development of proposals to create a common trade policy, for Eurasian Bank for Developement, 2012

“Business Environment and Enterprise Survey (BEEPS V)”, for World Bank and European Bank for  Development, 2011-2013

“Effect of Russia WTO accession on Russian regions”, for Ernst&Young-Russia, 2012

“Survey of Russian exporters in Manufacturing”, for Academy of National Economy, 2011

“Factors of Diversification”, for European Bank for  Reconstruction and Development, 2010-2011

“SUST-RUS: model of sustainable development of Russia”, for European Comission, 2009-2011

“Measuring the Business Environment in Russian Regions”, for Ernst&Young, 2010

“Monitoring of Administrative Barriers for Small Business in Russian Region” 2009-2010 (project leader) for Academy of National Economy

“Incentives for Implementation of Regulatory Reform— A Comparative Survey of Federal and Regional Government Officials in Russia” for World Bank (2008-2009)

“Evaluation of potential sectoral export diversification of Russian federal okrugs. Forecast of trade flows of federal okrugs till 2020” for Ministry of Regional Development of Russia (2008)

“Analysis of potential sectoral diversification of Russian and CIS countries export flows on the basis of revealed comparative advantage” for Ministry of Economy of Russia, 2007

“The development of the methodology for quantitative analysis of the effects of trade agreements on international trade flows and competitiveness of Russian economy” for Ministry of Economy of Russia, 2006

“The development of the strategy of Russia-India economic cooperation till 2010”, for Ministry of Economy of Russia, 2006

“Analysis of the Monetary Policy Impact on the Banking Sector Development”, for Central Bank of Russia, 2005


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