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Established in 1992

International College of Economics and Finance
State University-Higher School of Economics
Myasnitsky Proezd 4/3, Room 315
Moscow 107078

Phone: 923-44-19 (office), 923-00-62 (message)
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FIELDS OF SPECIALIZATION: Microeconomics, International Economics, Natural Resources, Energy, Environmental Policy, Growth and Development, Law, Game Theory, Mathematical Modeling.


Ph.D., Economics, Purdue University (1975), West Lafayette, IN.

Dissertation: Dynamic General-Equilibrium Models in Environmental Economics, published as Pollution Control in a Simplified General-Equilibrium Model with Production Externalities, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (1977), vol. 4, 289-304.

Committee: Yoshi Otani (Chair), Akira Takayama, James Moore, Sheng Hu, and John Carlson.

M.B.A., Finance, Wright State University (1971), Dayton, OH.

B.S., Chemical Engineering, Miami University (1969), Oxford, OH.


Consultant, London School of Economics and Political Science, 01/09/00 31/05/01, at ICEF, Moscow

Professor of Economics, Univ. of Kansas, Department of Economics, Lawrence, KS, on leave 2000/01.


  • expert witness in antitrust cases (oil and natural gas) and public utility rate review hearings (Kansas Corporation Commission)
  • short-term assignments on industrialization and economic development (UNIDO)
  • short-term expert in teams projects on small-scale privatization and capital market development in Russia and Ukraine (CIES institutional grants)
  • short-term consultant in financial sector and private sector development in FSU (USAID grants)
  • conducted on-site market research (externally funded) on the Russian pharmaceutical market


  • A Theorem on the Gains from International Factor Mobility, International Economic Journal, vol. 14, no. 1, Spring 2000, 1-9.
  • Pecuniary Effects, Second-Order Conditions and the LRAC Curve, Journal of Economic Education, vol. 31, no. 2, Spring 2000, 131-143.
  • On the Gains from an Expansion in Factor Mobility in Bilateral Trade, Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, vol. 8, no. 4, December 1999, 349-364.
  • Property Rights, Imperfect Information, and the Coase Theorem, in D. Kanterelis, ed., Business & Economics for the 21st Century, vol. II, Business & Economics Society International (1998), 378-389.
  • Penetrating the Russian Pharmaceutical Market: A Case Study of Ros-Am-Bis, in Bob Donnorummo, et al, eds., Case Studies on Economic Transformation: Russia, Kazakhstan and Eastern Europe, Univ. of Pittsburgh (1996), 192-200.


  • Long-Run Energy Price Forecasts and the Resource Extractive Firm, annual meetings of the Eastern Economic Association, March 2000, Washington, DC.
  • "Revisiting NAFTA: Economic Issues in Relaxing Constraints on Labor Migration between the U.S. and Mexico", 2000 International Applied Business Research Conference, March 2000, Puerto Vallarta, MX
  • Modelling Bilateral Trade Agreements as a Two-Stage Game, annual meetings of the Eastern Economic Association, March 1999, Boston, MA.
  • Optimal Public Investment in Pollution Control Capital under Sustainability Criteria for a Neoclassical Economy, annual meetings of the Eastern Economic Association, March 1998, New York, NY.

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