Training programs

The mission of New Economic School is modern economic education and research for Russian society and business. NES diploma is highly appreciated at the international level. NES graduates build a career in prestigious international and Russian companies and continue their education on PhD and MBA programs in leading universities of the world. The quality of NES education is based on high concentration of Russian and foreign professors with a PhD in Economics and Finance as well as a strong contingent of students.


Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Бакалавр экономики

The joint HSE-NES bachelor program is a unique opportunity to get two diplomas from leading economic universities.


Master of Arts in Economics

Магистр экономики

Master degree in Economics. For students who want to work in the scientific field, financial companies and banks, as well as in consulting, analytical and government structures.


Master of Arts in Energy Economics


Master of Arts in Finance

Финансы, инвестиции, банки (Master of Arts in Finance) / Мастер наук по финансам (MSc in Finance)

A two-year applied Master degree in Finance. The aim of the program is to prepare a new generation of professionals who will have fundamental and applied knowledge in Finance and Economics, as well as business and communication skills necessary for a successful career in Finance and Consulting


Masters in Finance

Мастер финансов

The program is for middle and senior professionals working in the financial sector. On-the-job training for 2 years. Practical tools for decision-making in corporate Finance, asset management and banking.


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