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Electronic Repository of Russian Historical Statistics, 18th - 21st centuries

THE AIM OF THE PROJECT is to create an on-line electronic repository of Russian historical statistics. The repository operates on the principle of a historical data-hub, bringing together data extracted from various published and unpublished sources in one place. Data are standardised to facilitate access and enable comparative research over time and across regions and nations. The principal focus of the data-hub is Russian economic and social history of the recent three centuries (18th-21st). Data will be provided in regional breakdown for five cross-sections.

The Electronic Repository of Russian Historical Statistics will be the first research tool of its kind and scope to be created in the Russian Federation. It will cater to the needs of the scholarly community, of teachers and students in the social sciences in higher education, and aims to provide the basis for an informed public debate on Russia’s past and present social and economic performance.

DURATION OF PROJECT: September, 1st 2010 – March, 31st 2014


Interdisciplinary Centre for Studies in History, Economy and Society.

International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

New Economic School, Moscow, Russia.


The project is financed by the ‘Dynasty’ foundation, Moscow, Russia.

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