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CENTER for the Study of Diversity and Social Interactions

NES Research Seminars 2014-2015 / Научные семинары РЭШ 2014-2015

Room 1.14 For more information: skhrapov (at)
Time 1:45 PM Adress: 100 Novaya Street, Skolkovo, Moscow, New Economic School


September 5 Antonio Guarino, University College London Social Learning in a Rich Action Space: Experiments
September 19 Karel Janda, Charles University Time-Frequency Dynamics of Biofuels-Fuels-Food System
October 17 Alex StomperHumboldt University Insurance within the industry
November 7 Naomi E. FeldmanBoard of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Taxpayer Confusion: Evidence from the Child Tax Credit
November 21 Mikhail Panov, Stanford GSB A theory of "interspection" in games
November 28 Danila SerraSouthern Methodist University The Industrial Organization of Extortionary Corruption: Evidence from Two Experiments
December 12 Damba LkhagvasurenConcordia University Worker Search Effort as an Amplification Mechanism
December 17 Joan EstebanInstitut d'An?lisi Econ?mica Liberty, Equality, Religiosity
December 22 Evgeny Yakovlev, HSE (JM Seminar)* How Persistent Are Consumption Habits? Micro-Evidence From Russian Alcohol Market
December 26 Victoria Dobrynskaya, LSE (JM Seminar)* Asymmetric risks of momentum strategies 
January 14 Andrea Matranga, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (JM Seminar)* Climate-Driven Technical Change: Seasonality and the Invention of Agriculture
January 15 Alberto Bisin, New York University Dynamic linear economies with social interactions
January 19 Kirill ShakhnovEuropean University Institute (JM Seminar)* The allocation of talent: finance versus entrepreneurship
January 22 Yulia ParamonovaUniversity of Michigan (JM Seminar)* The Optimal Information Reporting and Tax Audit Policy
January 23 Daniele Siena, Banque de France The European Monetary Union and Imbalances: Is it an Anticipation Story?
January 26 Michael KummerUniversity of Mannheim (JM Seminar)* Spillovers in Networks of User Generated Content
January 29 Boris RadnaevLondon Business School (JM Seminar)* Learning and Leverage Dynamics in General Equilibrium
February 3 Yury Yatsynovich, University of California, Berkeley (JM Seminar)* Technological Spillovers and Dynamics of Comparative Advantage
February 4 Kristoffer MilonasStockholm School of Economics (JM Seminar)* The Effect of Foreclosure Laws on Securitization: Evidence from U.S. States
February 5 Renaud CoulombParis School of Economics (JM Seminar)* The Grey Paradox: How fossil-fuels owners can benefit from carbon taxation
February 9 Paolo ZacchiaUniversity of California, Berkeley (JM Seminar)* Knowledge Spillovers through Networks of Scientists
March 10 Wensi Xie, University of Hong Kong (JM Seminar)* Managerial Entrenchment and Corporate Voluntary Disclosure: Evidence from Shareholder Vote
March 13 Pablo SelayaUniversity of Copenhagen Climate and the Emergence of Global Income Differences
April 3 Enno MammenUniversity of Mannheim High-dimensional nonparametric varying coefficient models
April 10 Norman Schurhoff, University of Lausanne Agency Conflicts Around the World
April 17 Marco Gonzalez-Navarro, University of Toronto Retail Globalization and Household Welfare: Evidence from Mexico
May 15 David Dorn, University of Zurich Import Competition and the Great U.S. Employment Sag of the 2000s
May 18 Manuel BaguesAalto University What You Know Can’t Hurt You: a Field Experiment on Relative Performance Feedback Information
May 22 Andrew EllulIndiana University Strategic Leverage and Employee Protection in Bankruptcy
May 29 Peter Schott, Yale The Surprisingly Swift Decline of U.S. Manufacturing Employment
June 5 David AlbouyUniversity of Illinois Housing Demand and Expenditures: How Rising Rent Levels Affect Behavior and Costs-of-Living over Space and Time 
June 17 Mattias Polborn, University of Illinois Political Competition in Legislative Elections


*Job Market Seminar

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April 5 / 1:45 pm, r.114 NES Research SeminarPaolo Zacchia (IMT Institute for Advanced Studies)
April 13 / 1:45 pm, r.114 NES Research SeminarDaria Dzyabura (NYU Stern School of Business)
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