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CENTER for the Study of Diversity and Social Interactions

NES Research Seminars 2015-2016 / Научные семинары РЭШ 2015-2016

Room 1.14 For more information: skhrapov (at)
Time 1:45 PM Adress: 100 Novaya Street, Skolkovo, Moscow, New Economic School


Sep-4 Sergey MityakovClemson University Offshore Schemes and Tax Evasion: The Role of Banks
Sep-11 Jiri Novak, Charles University in Prague Competitive Threats, Information Asymmetry and Insider Trading
Sep-30 Galina Besstremyannaya, CEFIR & Stanford University The adverse effect of value-based purchasing in health care: dynamic quantiles
Nov-5 Albert MenkveldVU University Amsterdam The Flash Crash: A Cautionary Tale about Highly Fragmented Markets
Nov-6 Jeanet BentzenUniversity of Copenhagen Acts of God? Religiosity and Natural Disasters Across Subnational World Districts
Nov-13 Peter EggerETH Zurich The Taxing Deed of Globalization
Nov-20 Christian DippelUCLA The Rents from Trade and Coercive Institutions: Removing the Sugar Coating 
Dec-7 Herve MoulinUniversity of Glasgow One dimensional mechanism design
Dec-16 Sergey Slobodyan CERGE-EI Welfare Losses and Fast Convergence of Adaptive Learning
Dec-18 Alexei KushnirCarnegie Mellon University On the Equivalence of Bayesian and Dominant Strategy Implementation: The Case of Non-Linear Utilities
Jan-22 Maxim Nikitin, International College of Economics and Finance, Higher School of Economics Financially-Constrained Lawyers
Feb-3 (*JMS) Ricardo Aliouchkin, Stockholm School of Economics Option-implied Idiosyncratic and Systematic Risk in the Cross-section of Expected Stock Returns
Feb-10 (*JMS) Alexander NesterovHumboldt University School Choice with Advice: The Adaptive Acceptance Rule
Feb-12 Sergio Currarini, University of Leicester Peer Effects and Local Congestion in Networks
Feb-25 Fedor Iskhakov, University of New South Wales Recursive Lexicographical Search: Finding all Markov Perfect Equilibria of Finite State Directional Dynamic Games
Mar-2 Thomas Renstrom, Durham University
Share Ownership Distribution and Natural Resource Extraction
Mar-30 Tatiana Kornienko, University of Edinburgh
Lone Wolf or Herd Animal? An Experiment on Choice of Information and Social Learning
Apr-1 Tatiana Komarova, London School of Economics
 Simultaneous First-Price Auctions with Preferences Over Combinations: Identification, Estimation and Application
Apr-4 Ed Hopkins, University of Edinburgh Inequality, Gender and Risk-Taking Behaviour
Apr-8 Anna Mikusheva, MIT
Conditional Inference with a Functional Nuisance Parameter
Apr-22 Paolo Zacchia, IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Are Science Cities fostering local innovation? Evidence from Russian Naukograds
Apr-27 Maria Goltsman, University of Western Ontario On the Optimality of Diverse Expert Panels in Persuasion Games
May-13 Lorenz Kueng, Northwestern University Explaining Consumption Excess Sensitivity with Near-Rationality: Evidence from Large Predetermined Payments
Jun-3 Katya MalinovaUniversity of Toronto Regulating Dark Trading: Order Flow Segmentation and Market Quality
Jun-8 Yakov Amihud, New York University The Pricing of the Illiquidity Factor's Systematic Risk
Jun-10 Marc MollerUniversity of Bern Dynamic Adverse Selection with a Patient Seller
Jun-17 Yuri Tserlukevich, Arizona State University Is Market Timing Good for Shareholders?
Jun-22 Jose ScheinkmanColumbia University Savings Gluts and Financial Fragility
Jun-23 Jens Suedekum, Heinrich-Heine University Dгsseldorf Adjusting to Globalization - Evidence from Worker-Establishment Matches in Germany
Jun-24 Kiminori MatsuyamaNorthwestern University The Home Market Effect and Patterns of Trade Between Rich and Poor Countries
Jun-29 Anton KolotilinUniversity of New South Wales Relational Communication with Transfers

*Job Market Seminar

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