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"NES now has the best modern economics library in the Russian Federation,
and it is open to the public. The NES data center is one of the best in Russia".

Eric Bergloef, Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics,
Stockholm School of Economics,
Reversing the Brain Drain in Transition Economies,
in "TRANSITION", May-June-July 2000

Up-to-date, specialist libraries are somewhat of a rarity in Moscow. However, the New Economic School's library with its good selection of current international economics journals, sets of the world's most current economics texts, and up to the minute electronic research databases is an exciting and growing resource for economics researchers, faculty and graduate students. Funded through the Soros and Eurasia Foundations for its operations and acquisitions program, the library from time to time receives generous donations from individuals and organizations interested in supporting the School in its quest to train its elite group of young Russians students in world standard Western style economics. Library was very fortunate to receive the donations of Economics books and rare journals from distinguished economists Don Patinkin, Michel Bruno, Elhanan Helpman, Zvi Griliches.

In addition to students, faculty and researchers at NES, the library is open to NES alumni, economists from other Russian educational and research institutes, professional economists in the public and private sectors in Russia and visiting scholars from abroad, thus it benefits not only the teaching and research at NES but the economics community at large. The library works together with the School's Research Center funded by the Ford Foundation. The total collection now is about 7600 books, including up-to-date textbooks on Economics and English; materials on economies in transition and the history of the Soviet Economy; statistical reference books and periodicals (45-55 titles of the best journals in Economics are included into NES annual subscription since 1994, you may find them in the electronic catalogue by key word SUBSCRIPTION or PERIODICALS). All teaching materials for courses taught at NES since 1993 are available in the Library Data Base. NES library electronic resources include now not only SSRN, JSTOR electronic journal archive but the best resource for the researchers ScienceDirect.

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The 4th Workshop on Relational Contracts will be hosted by the Becker-Friedman Institute and the Coase-Sandor Institute for Law and Economics at the University of Chicago on September 14 – 15, 2018. Marta Troya-Martinez co-organizes the workshop. The call for papers can be found here. Submissions are welcome until April 10.
March 19 / 6:30pm, r. 114 NES Research SeminarMelanie Meng Xue (UCLA)
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