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CENTER for the Study of Diversity and Social Interactions

Center for New Media and Society

логотип Центра изучения Интернета и общества

In July, 2011, the New Economic School, launched a new ambitious project, the Center for the Study of New Media and Society. By creating a first-class research team in Moscow with international staff and global audience, the Center sets up three main tasks for its work:

  • To enhance our understanding of the social, political and economic effects of new media forward through rigorous interdisciplinary research;
  • To prove that groundbreaking, internationally relevant work on issues of global importance can be done in Moscow;
  • To conduct public-interest research on ICT policy and regulation that responds to national, regional and global demand and supports efforts towards introducing open standards and models of e-governance, ultimately improving efficiency and accountability.

Besides research and analysis, the Center supports applied projects and organizes educational events.

Bringing together economists, political scientists, sociologists and media professionals, the Center seeks to support academically rigorous, policy relevant research in four core areas:

  • New Media Sociology;
  • New Media Economics;
  • New Media Politics;
  • E-Governance, Open Governance and New Forms of State-Society Interaction.

The Center's work is funded by the Open Society Institute and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

Faculty and Staff:

Senior Management Team

Ivan Klimov, Candidate of Sciences, Director [email]
Maria Petrova, PhD, Research Director  [email] [web]
Floriana Fossato, Deputy Director for International Development [email]
Sergey Chernov, PhD,  Deputy Director for Data [email] [web]
Olga Kravtsova, Candidate of Sciences, Administrator [email]

Current Research Fellows

Sam Greene, PhD, Senior Research Fellow  [email] [web]
Ruben Enikolopov
, PhD, Senior Research Fellow [email] [web]
Mikhail Gronas, PhD, Senior Research Fellow  [email] [facebook]
Sergey Izmalkov, PhD, Senior Research Fellow   [email]  [web]
Olessia Koltsova, Candidate of Sciences, Senior Research Fellow [email]  [web]
Tatiana Indina, Candidate of Sciences, Research Fellow [email]  [web]
Lyubov Borusyak, Candidate of Sciences, Research Fellow [email]
Sofia Dokuka, Junior Research Fellow [email]
Jackie Kerr, Research Fellow [email]

Non-Resident Research Fellows

Ellen Mickiewicz, PhD, Duke University, Distinguished Non-Resident Fellow [email] [web]
Sarah Oates
, PhD, University of Maryland, Distinguished Non-Resident Fellow [email] [web]

Past Research Fellows

Luke Miner, PhD, Senior Research Fellow [email] [web]
Imil Nurutdinov, Junior Research Fellow [email]
Alexey Makar’in, Junior Research Fellow [email]
Ilya Stechkin, Policy Fellow [email] [web]


The Center prepared a paper on Internet Safety for children to study best international practices in order to analyze legal initiatives in that area in Russia. Twelve countries took part in the research, including Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Africa, Turkey, UK and US. (Read more >>>)

Please visit the Center's website (in particular, its "Research" section) to learn about other working papers and presentations prepared by the Center.

The Center conducts a series of public lectures on Internet, economics, and society and regular seminars on social network analysis and new media

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