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Research projects

The Research Seminar entails a number of research projects in which students and professors collaborate to conduct research together. Since 1995, the Research Seminar has facilitated a few hundred student research projects in all fields of economics, and so far, more than 936 MAE students have prepared Master’s Theses. 


In the 2016–2017 academic year the research work is being done within twelve projects:

1. Topics in financial econometrics, Stanislav Anatolyev 
2. Strategy-proof implementation and second-best efficient mechanisms: beyond Groves mechanisms, Timos Athanasiou
3. Empirical topics in international trade, macroeconomics, and applied micro, Douglas Campbell
4. Business cycles and macroeconomic policy in emerging market economiesValery Charnavoki & Konstantin Styrin
5. Health and labor economics: empirical studiesIrina Denisova & Eugeny Yakovlev
6. Institutions, history and developmentGunes Gokmen & Shlomo Weber & Andrei Markevich
7. Auctions, market design, and information technologies, Sergei Izmalkov
8. Topics in market microstructure, empirical asset pricing and market efficiency, Patrick Kelly & Anna Obizhaeva
9. Econometrics of option prices, Stanislav Khrapov 
0. Spatial economic history, Andrea Matranga
11. Decision theory and applications, Andrei Savochkin
12. Growth and development: a macroeconomic perspective, Hosny Zoabi

Distribution of students on projects:


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