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Student research

All second-year MAE students participate in the Research Seminar. The purpose the Research Seminar is to provide efficient supervision and allow students to develop the skills necessary to do research and present their results. Each student writes and defends a Term Paper and Master’s Thesis.

The Research Seminar entails a number of research projects in which students and professors collaborate to conduct research together. Since 1995, the Research Seminar has facilitated a few hundred student research projects in all fields of economics, and so far, more than 800 MAE students have prepared Master’s Theses. In the 2013–2014 academic year, students in the Research Seminar are contributing to a total of 9 research projects.

Each research group includes second-year students and their research supervisors, with an average ratio of 4 students per professor. Research Seminar groups holds meetings on a weekly basis, beginning the moment students form groups (June of the first year of study) and culminating in the students’ defense of their Term Papers (February of the second year of study).

Apart from the Research Seminar, MAE students participate in the Methodological Seminar, which covers the general principles of research work, research paper writing, and preparation and delivery of scientific presentations. The course also provides students with practice in presenting their own work, as well as constructing feedback on others’ work.

Twice a year, in the spring and fall, NES organizes international conferences that attract a broad audience of economists who discuss their research. While the fall conference (in October-November) brings speakers who are NES faculty and researchers from other economics departments, the spring conference (in April) hosts second-year MAE students as its main presenters – giving students the chance to see how much student research can accomplish.

Any Master’s Theses evaluated as excellent plus by the Attestation Committee are published in the annual Best Student Papers series.

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