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The NES 25th Anniversary Conference
CENTER for the Study of Diversity and Social Interactions

Staff and Faculty

Phone Number: +7 (495) 956-95-08,
Reception work hours: Mon-Fri, 09:30 - 22:00
Rector's office work hours: Mon-Fri, 10:00 - 19:00

Internal Extensions for:

  Name Room Phone e-mail* Position
Elizaveta Aleksakhina  1.16  143 ealeksakhina Admissions Director
Stanislav Anatolyev 2.39 233 sanatoly Access Industries Professor of Economics
Eugeny Andreev 1.06 207 eandreev

Leading Researcher

  Efthymios Athanasiou 2.21 206 eathanasiou

Anatoly Milyukov Assistant Professor

Galina Benevolenskaya 3.27 256 gbenevolenskaya

Executive Director, Master of Arts in Economics

Olga Blinova

3.23   oblinova

Assistant Professor; Department of Humanities and Languages

Andrei Bremzen 1.03 133 abremzen

Assistant Professor of Economics

Elena Brizhan 2.18 223 ebrizhan Deputy Chief Accountant
Ekaterina Buklina 2.48 114  ebuklina Rector's Assistant
Kristina Butaeva 2.46 109 kbutaeva Junior Research Fellow of the CSDSI
Douglas Campbell Douglas Campbell 2.25 162 dcampbell Assistant Professor
Kevin Cancellaro 2.17 122 kcancellaro

Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities and Languages

  Valery Charnavoki 2.12 118 vcharnavoki Assistant Professor 
  Elena Churilova 1.06 208 echurilova Research Coordinator
  Galina Churkina 3.23 154 galch Methodology Specialist, English Department
Denis Davydov 2.46 165 ddavydov Leading Researcher of the CSDSI
Alexandra Davydova Alexandra Davydova 2.46 163 adavydova Administrative Assistant
Irina Denisova 2.33 158 idenisova Assistant Professor of Economics
Nadezhda Dontsu 2.19 164 ndontsu Program Manager, Masters in Finance
Mikhail Drugov Mikhail Drugov 2.38 125 mdrugov Associate Professor
Nataliya Elagina 3.08 403 nelagina Senior Librarian
Ruben Enikolopov 2.02



Advisor to the Rector for Academic Affairs, Associate Professor of Finance

Ozgur Evren 2.15 121 oevren Associate Professor of Economics
  Irina Filippova 2.19 263 ifilippova Executive Director, Masters in Finance and Master of Science in Finance
Голечковой Т.Ю.

Tatiana Golechkova




Assistant Professor; Coordinator of the Department of Humanities and Languages 

Sergey Golovan Sergei Golovan 2.47


sgolovan Lecturer, 
Software Developer
Alexey Goriaev 2.29 219 agoriaev Program Director, Masters in Finance
Vyacheslav Gorovoy 2.35 277 vgorovoy Professor
Gunes Gokmen 2.41 239 ggokmen Assistant Professor
Senior Research Fellow of the CSDSI
Alyona Grigorieva Alyona Grigorieva 2.18 238 agrigorieva Accountant
Ekaterina Ivanova 3.22 173 eivanova Senior Affiliate Manager
Ivan Ivanyuk 1.01 156 iii Maintenance Engineer
  Vladimir Ivanyukhin 3.16 234 vivanyukhin Helpdesker
Sergei Izmalkov 2.34 134 sizmalkov Associate Professor of Economics,
Chair of the Academic Committe, Managing Director of NES CSDSI
asotnikova Olesya Kanaeva 1.16 144 okanaeva

Marketing Manager

Zarema Kasabieva 2.51 117 zkasa Vice-Rector for Educational and Students Affairs
Pavel Katishev 2.47 240 pkatish Professor of Economics
Vitaly Kazakov 2.36 225 vkazakov

Program Director, Masters in Energy Economics

Stanislav Khrapov 2.13 216 skhrapov Assistant Professor of Finance
Denis Klimentov 2.24 244 dklimentov Press Secretary, Communication Department
  Anna Klimova 3.22 246 aklimova Travel and Event Manager
  Margarita Kochneva 2.22 249 mkochneva

Faculty Administrative Assistant

Anastasiya Komarova Anastasiya Komarova 3.27 273 akomarova

Program Manager,
Masters in Energy Economics

Grigory Kosenok 2.30 251 gkosenok Renova Group Professor of Economics, Program Director, Master of Arts in Economics
Aleksandr Krasnov Alexander Krasnov 3.16 210 akrasnov System Administrator
Julia Sapozhnikova Julia Krasavina 2.42 119 jkrasavina Career and Leadership Development Center Coordinator
Valentina Krupina 2.49 153 vkrupina Academic Secretary
  Dmitry Krutikov 2.46 166 dkrutikov

Deputy Director of the NES CSDSI

Larisa Kryuchkova 3.25 135 lkruchko Head Librarian
Olga Kryukovskaya 2.20



Brand Manager

Olga Kulagina 2.49 103 okulagin Admission Secretary
Preparatory Courses Coordinator Registrar
Maya Kultiyasova 2.22 215 mkultiyasova Head of Office Management
Elena Kuzmenko Elena Kuzmenko 2.42 267 ekuzmenko Administrative Assistant
Olga Kuzmina 2.09 255 okuzmina Petr Aven Assistant Professor of Finance,
Deputy Provost 
  Irina Kuznetsova 1.04 120 i_kuznetsova

Assistant Professor; Department of Humanities and Languages

Veronika Lavrikova 2.42


Executive Assistant to Vice-Rector for Academic and Student Affairs
Valery Makarov 513 8 (499) 129-1011 President
Professor of Economics
Andrei Markevich 2.37 257 amarkevich

Metalloinvest Associate Professor of Economics; Leading Research Fellow of the CSDSI; Program Director, Bachelor of Arts in Economics, 
Deputy Provost


Alexandra Mastakova

3.27  128  amastakova Program Manager, Master of Arts in Economics 
Andrea Matranga Andrea Matranga 2.16  147   Assistant Professor
Tatyana Matveeva 2.50 138 tmatveeva Chief Accountant
Lyudmila Medvedeva 1.05 242 lmedvedeva Program Coordinator, HSE-NES Joint Undergraduate Program
Elena Morozova 2.20 280 emorozova Head of Communication Department
Daniil Musatov      musatych [at] Research Fellow of the CSDSI
Anna Obizhaeva Anna Obizhaeva 2.10 265 aobizhaeva Chair of the Finance Department, Metalloinvest Associate Professor of Finance
Elena Ovchinnikova 3.23 142 eovchinnikova

Senior Instructor; Department of Humanities and Languages Research Fellow; CSDSI

Natalya Pavlova 2.45 301 npavlova Head of Fundraising Unit
Anatoly Peresetsky 2.47 140 Professor of Economics
dpetrov Dmitriy Petrov 3.16 112 dpetrov My.nes Developer
Natalia Petrova Natalia Petrova 1.05 204 npetrova Executive Program Director,
Bachelor of Arts in Economics 
Maria Petrova 1.03   mpetrova Banking Group "Alfa-BankAssistant Professor of Economics
GPetrova Galina Petrova 2.49 139 gpetrova Methodologist
Victor Polterovich 809 779-1485 Professor Emeritus
Professor of Economics
Anton Pronsky  3.16 110 apronskiy Head of IT department
Pavle Radicevic 2.08 261 pradicevic Professor
Maria Radyuk 2.19 253 mradyuk Program Manager,  Masters in Finance
Aleksandra Romanycheva 2.20  236 aromanycheva Copywriter 
Pavel Rubtsov 2.20 235 prubtsov Digital Communications Manager
Andrei Savochkin Andrei Savochkin 2.23 149 asavochkin Access Industries Assistant Professor
Tatiana Sedunova  3.21 269 tsedunova Student Affairs Coordinator

Ekaterina Semenova

3.23   esemenova

Senior Instructor; Department of Humanities and Languages

Alexander Shapoval 2.46   ashapoval Leading Research Fellow of the CSDSI
  Oleg Shibanov 2.14 254 oshibanov Assistant Professor of Finance, Program Director, MSc in Finance and MA in Finance, Deputy Provost
Irina Sibiryakova 3.21 259 isibiryakova Director, Alumni Relations & Student Affairs Center
Elena Simonova 2.19 252 esimonova Master of Arts in Finance Program Manager
Tatiana Skopintseva 2.26 155 tskopintseva Chair of the Department of Humanities and Languages
Constantine Sorokin Constantine Sorokin 2.46   csorokin Senior Research Fellow of the CSDSI
Ashley Squires 2.07 159 aSquires

Assistant Professor; Department of Humanities and Languages Director of the Writing and Communication Center

Carsten Sprenger

1.04 161 csprenger

Senior Lecturer

Konstantin Styrin 1.07  260 kstyrin Assistant Professor of Macroeconomics
Ludmila Tarakanova 2.18 241 ltarakanova Payroll Accountant
Alexander Tonis 2.47 Lecturer
Marta Troya Martinez Marta Troya Martinez 2.31 126 mtroya Assistant Professor
Daria Tulupova 3.21 160 dtulupova Projects Coordinator, Alumni Relations & Student Affairs Center
Michele Valsecchi 2.05 152 Professor
Seseg Vanchikova 2.46


svanchikova Deputy Director of the NES CSDSI, 
Rector's Advisor
Anna Volchanskaya 3.23 154

Senior Instructor; Department of Humanities and Languages

Natalya Volchkova 2.32 158 nvolchkova NOVATEK Assistant Professor 
Maria Volkova 2.43 113 mvolkova Manager of Development Department
Svetlana Volkova 2.42 243 svolkova Director of Career Development and Leadership Center
Vitaly Voronin Vitaly Voronin 2.01 145 vvoronin Vice-Rector for Financial Affairs,
Business Development Director
Shlomo Weber 2.48


sweber  Rector, Academic Head of the CSDSI
Evgeny Yakovlev Evgeny Yakovlev 2.11  116 eyakovlev Assistant Professor, Director of Data Center
Nadezhda Zelepukina   101 nzelepukina Secretary
Hosny Zoabi  Hosny Zoabi 2.40 124 hzubi O1 Group Associate Professor
Viktoriya Zubkova 3.16 212 vzubkova Junior Progarammer

 * all emails have the following extension: (if not noted otherwise)

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New Economic School is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year! We invite you to take part in key event of the celebration: the NES 25th Anniversary Conference which will take place December 18-19, 2017 in Moscow, in the Metropol Hotel. Registration for general participants is open >>> If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Find out more on the conference website >>>
On December 12–16 NES CSDSI organizes the 5th winter school «Towards Effective and Equitable Development: the Role of Institutions and Diversity». The deadline for application is November 9. Details >>>
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