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 Hosny Zoabi

Hosny Zoabi / Хосни Зоаби

Associate Professor / Доцент кафедры макроэкономики

Ph.D. in Economics, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel


Homepage / Домашняя страница


Research Interests / Исследовательские интересы

Macroeconomics, Economic Growth, Demographic Economics

Courses taught at NES / Преподавание в РЭШ

Macroeconomics-2Family EconomicsEconomic Growth

Contacts / Контакты

Office #2.40, 100 Novaya Street
Skolkovo, Moscow, Russia, 143025
Phone: +7 (495) 956 95 08 ext.124
E-mail: hzubi (at)



Economic Growth and Sector Dynamics,”  Accepted for publication, European Economic Review. (with Joseph Zeira)
Do Highly Educated Women Choose Smaller Families?” 2015. Economic Journal, Vol 125, Issue 587, pp: 1191–1226. (with Moshe Hazan)

Sons or Daughters? Endogenous Sex Preferences and the Reversal of the Gender Educational Gap,” 2015. Journal of Demographic Economic, Vol 81, pp: 179-201.
(with Moshe Hazan)

International Trade, the Gender Gap and Female Labor Force Participation,” 2014. Journal of Development Economics, Vol 111, pp:17-33. (with Philip Saure)

Talent Utilization and Search for the Appropriate Technology,” 2014.  Macroeconomic Dynamics, Vol 18, pp: 863-882. (with Tali Regev)

Does Longevity Cause Growth? A Theoretical Critique,” 2006.  Journal of Economic Growth, Vol 11, pp: 363-376.  (with Moshe Hazan)  

Work in Progress

Retirement Age Across Countries: The Role of Occupations,” 
(with Philip Saure)

When Stolper-Samuelson Does Not Apply: International Trade and Female Labor,” 
(with Philip Saure)

“Higher Inequality, Higher Education? The Changing Role of Di fferential Fertility
(with Michael BarMoshe HazanOksana Leukhina and David Weiss)

“Women's Liberation as a Financial Innovation
(with Moshe Hazan and David Weiss)

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