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The NES 25th Anniversary Conference
CENTER for the Study of Diversity and Social Interactions

Shlomo Weber 

Rector of NES, Full Professor, Academic Head of the CSDSI at NES

PhD, Hebrew University at Jerusalem




Office #2.02, 100 Novaya Street
Skolkovo, Moscow, Russia, 143025
Phone: +7 (495) 956-9508, ext.108
E-mail: sweber (at)

Research interests 

Political Economy, Microeconomic Theory, Welfare Economics, Industrial Organization, Microfoundations of Macroeconomics, Principles of Economics, Price Theory, Public Choice, Public Economics, Game Theory, Social Choice, Advanced Economic Analysis, Mathematical Analysis for Economists, Operations Research


Speaking Engagements and Media Appearances

“Economic Costs of the Libya Conflict” Voice of Russia (English) March 2011. Broadcast

Economic Importance of the St. Petersburg forum” Voice of Russia (Russian) June 2011

A Danger of Default” Voice of Russia (Russian) July 2011

“The organization and internal structure of Western Universities”, Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk, July 2011.

“Russia and Korea: The tale of two Economies”, Korean Institute for Economic Development, December 2010

“The Prospects of Reunification of Two Koreas", South-North Korean Cultural Association, Seoul, May 2000.

The McCuistion Program (nationally broadcast PBS) "Russia & the U.S.: Its Economic & Business Future" panellist, March 2000

"Russian Roulette: Minimizing Your Risks in the Russian Market" Conference, moderator and speaker. Sponsored by Baker & McKenzie, LLP, Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce, Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, and Russian American Center, Dallas, Texas, October 1999

"The New Banking Legislation: The Financial Modernization Act for the 21st Century" by U.S. Senator Phil Gramm, discussant, SMU Law School, September 1999

"Current Financial State of Russia", speeches to SMU Law School, Richardson Rotary and Civitan International, 1998-1999


"Economics of Linguistic Diversity” (with V. Ginsburgh) April 2011, Princeton University Press.

"Handbook on Russian Economy” (with M. Alexeev), eds., Oxford University Press, forthcoming.

Refereed Publications

"Break-up of Countries and Unions: Simple Theory and Quantitative Analysis" (with K. Desmet, M. Le Breton and I. Ortuno-Ortin), Journal of Economic Growth, 2011, (16), 183-213.
"Bilingualism and Communicative Benefits" (with J-J. Gabszewicz and V.Ginsburgh) Annales d’Economie et de Statistiques, 2011, (102), 271-286.

"Economics of Literary Translation: A Simple Theory and Evidence" (with V. Ginsburgh and S. Weyers), Journal of Poetics, forthcoming.

"Stability and Fairness in Models with a Multiple Membership”, (with M. Le Breton, J. Moreno-Ternero and A.Savvateev), International Journal of Game Theory, forthcoming.

"Acquisition of Foreign Languages: Two-Sided Market Approach" (with J. Gabszewicz, V.
Ginsburgh and D. Laussel), Journal of Network Economics, 2011 (10), 1-22.

"Games of Social Interactions with Local and Global Externalities" (with M. Le Breton), Economics Letters, 2011 (111), 88-90.

“Immigration Quotas in the Globalized World” (with M. Fujita), Journal of the New Economic Association, 2010 (7), 10-23.

"Almost Subsidy-Free Spatial Pricing in a Multidimensional Setting” (with J. Dreze, M. Le Breton and A.Savvateev), Journal of Economic Theory, 2009, 143 (1), 275-291.

"Linguistic Diversity and Redistribution" (with K.Desmet and I. Ortuno-Ortin), Journal of the European Economic Association 2009, 7(6), 1291-1318.

"Ever Closer Union or Babylonian Discord: The Official-Language Problem in the European Union" (with V. Ginsburgh and J. Fidrmuc), European Journal of Political Economy, 2009, 25, 56-62.

“Linguistic Diversity and its Impact on Economic Policies and Political Decisions” (with A. Filatov, V. Ginsburgh, J. Gabszewicz, and A. Savvateev), Journal of the New Economic Association, 2009, 3, 28-53.

"Competing in Taxes and Investment under Fiscal Equalization" (with J. Hindricks and S. Peralta), Journal of Public Economics, 2008, 92(12), 2392-2402.

"Heterogeneity Gap in Unidimensional Spatial Models” (with A. Bogomolnaia, M. Le Breton and A. Savvateev), Journal of Public Economic Theory, 2008, 10(3), 455-473.

"Multilingualism” (with V.Ginsburgh), The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, second edition, Steven N. Durlauf and Lawrence E. Blume, eds. Palgrave Macmillan, 2008.

"Stability of Jurisdiction Structures under the Equal Share and Median Rules" (with A. Bogomolnaia, M. Le Breton and A. Savvateev), Economic Theory, 2008, 3, 523-543.

"On Gamson’ Law and Hedonic Games" (with M. Le Breton and I. Ortuno-Ortin), Social Choice and Welfare, 2008 30(1), 57-67.

"Why Do People Learn Foreign Languages?" (with V.Ginsburgh and I. Ortuno-Ortin), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organizations, 2007, 64 (3), 337-347.

Organization of Research Conferences

Conference on Economic Theory in honor of Victor Polterovich, (a co-chair of the organizing committee), Moscow, June 2011.

Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory Meetings (Organizer of the session on Economics of Diversity), Faro, Portugal, June 2011.

“Challenges of Multi-lingual Societies”, International conference in Brussels, June 2006 (Chair of the 5 organization committee). 

Second Summer School on Heterogeneity in Social Organizations, CORE, May 2006 (Chair of the organization committee).

Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory Meetings (Organizer of the session on Political Economy), Vigo, Spain, July 2005.

First Summer School on Heterogeneity in Social Organizations, CORE, May 2005 (Chair of the organization committee).

Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory Meetings (Organizer of the session on Political Economy), Rhodes, Greece, July 2003. 

Annual conference of the Society of Economic Design, (Member of Organizing Committee), New York, July 2002.

"Political Economy of Integration and Disintegration” (Co-Chair of Organizing Committee), CORE, Louvain-la-Neuve, May 2002.

"Political Economy of Economic Integration” (Chair of Organizing Committee), SMU, April 2002. 

Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory Meetings (Organizer of the session on Political Economy), Ischia, Italy, July 2001.

"Game Theory, Logic and Social Choice”, (Member of Organizing Committee), sponsored by the Russian Academy of Science and St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, June 2001. 

"Theoretical Public Economics” (Member of Organizing Committee) sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, Tuscaloosa, May 1998.

"Political Economy, Trade and Investment” (Chair of Organizing Committee), SMU, April 1998.

"India: The Challenge of Nation Building and Economic Reform" (Chairman of Organizing
Committee), sponsored by Caltex, Dallas, March 1998.

"Public Goods and Private Information" (Chair of Organizing Committee), sponsored by the Bank of Italy, Venice, January 1996.

Southeastern Conference on Economic Theory and International Trade (Chair of Organizing
Committee), sponsored by KPMG Peat Marwick, Dallas, November 1995.

Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory Meetings (Organizer of the session on Coalition Formation), Cephalonia, Greece, July 1995

Work in Progress

"Culture, Languages and Economics" (with V. Ginsburgh).

"Fiscal Federalism in Russia” (with M. Alexeev).

"The Landscape Theory and Potential Games" (with M. Le Breton).

"Language Preferences and Representative Democracy" (with V. Ginsburgh and O.Rogut).

"The Index of Peripheral Diversity and Redistribution" (with K.Desmet and I. Ortuno-Ortin).

"A Consistent Index of Societal Diversity" (with M. Augusta).

"Balance of Power and Divergence of Policies in a Model of Electoral Competition" (with A.

"Gale-Nikaido and Milgrom-Shannon: Existence of Nash Equilibria in Locational Models” (with M. Le Breton, D. Musatov and A. Savvateev).

"Stable Jurisdiction Structures in a Model with Monotone Density” (with M. Le Breton, D. Musatov and A. Savvateev).

“A Theory of Multi-Tier Federal Structures” (with M. Le Breton, V. Makarov and A. Savvateev).

Other Publications

Diversity”, RBC Daily

“Educational Capacity Building in Eastern Europe”, Forbes Ukraine, June 2011.

Monocities: American approach”, Forbes Russia:  2010.

"Language Disenfranchisement” La Libre Belgique, February 2005.

“The French, number 2 in the Union?” La Libre Belgique, December 2003.

"Editors' Note" (with P.Gottardi), Ricerche Economiche, 2000, 50, 321-324.

"Tangled Up in Torts - That's Why The US Needs Legal Reform" (with J.Dolmas), Knight Ridder Financial News, April 1995 (Reprinted in Philadelphia Inquirer, Orange County Register and Newport News).

"The Case For Western Investment in Ukraine" (with S.Nirenburg), Knight Ridder Financial News, August 1995.

"Let's Build Bridges with Ukraine", SMU Daily Campus, September 1995.

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