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Andrei Savochkin / Андрей Савочкин

Access Industries Assistant Professor of Economics

PhD in Economics, New York University Stern School of Business

Homepage / Домашняя страница


Contacts / Контакты

Office #2.23, 100 Novaya Street
Skolkovo, Moscow, Russia, 143025
Phone: +7 (495) 956 95 08
E-mail: asavochkin(at)

Research interests / Исследовательские интересы

Decision Theory, Game Theory, Mechanism Design, Experimental Economics

Teaching at NES / Преподавание в РЭШ

Mathematics for Economics
Decision Theory
Topics in Game Theory

Research / Научные исследования

"Preferences with grades of indecisiveness", with Stefania Minardi, Journal of Economic Theory (Volume 155), January 2015, Pages 300–331

A Confidence-Based Decision Rule and Ambiguity Attitudes (with Stefania Minardi)

Mistake Aversion and a Theory of Robust Decision Making

Decision-Making under Subjective Risk: Toward a General Theory of Pessimism (with Anna Gumen and Efe A. Ok)

A Functional Characterization of Smooth Ambiguity (with Stefania Minardi) [submitted]

Dynamically Stable Preferences (with Anna Gumen), Journal of Economic Theory 148 (2013), 1487–1508

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