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Victor Polterovich


Professor Emeritus


Head of Laboratory, Central Economics and Mathematics Institute
(CEMI), Russian Academy of Sciences;

Professor, Chairman of Academic Committee,
New Economic School (NES), Moscow.


Born: December 27, 1937, Moscow, USSR
Married, two children

Previous and Present Positions

Engineer, Junior, Senior Scientific Research Fellow, Institute of Automation of Oil and Gas Industry, Moscow, 1962-66;
Senior, Leading Scientific Research Fellow, Head of Laboratory of Mathematical Economics, CEMI, Moscow, 1966-91, 1991-present;
Visiting Professor, The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, fall of 1991;
Professor, New Economic School, Moscow, 1993-present, Professor, Moscow State University, 1994- present.


Diploma (Engineering), Moscow Oil and Gas Institute,1962;
Diploma , (Mathematics) Moscow State University, 1966;
Candidate of Science (Mathematics) CEMI, 1971;
Doctor of Science (Economics), CEMI,1991

Selected Publications

"A Model of Resource Redistribution", Economics and Mathematical Methods (EMM) 1970, (in Russian, translated in Matekon, 1971);

"Economic Equilibrium and Optimum", EMM, 1973, (in Russian, translated in Matekon,1974-1975);

"A Monotonicity Criterion for Demand Functions", (with L.Mitjushin), EMM, 1978 (in Russian);

"Equilibrium Trajectories of Economic Growth", Econometrica, 1983;

"Gross Substitutability of Point-to-Set Correspondences", (with V.A.Spivak), Journal of Mathematical Economics, 1983;

"Economic Equilibrium under Flexible Rationing", Kibernetika, 1986, (in Russian, translated in Cybernetics, 1986);

"Equilibrated States and Optimal Allocations of Resources under Rigid Prices", Journal of Mathematical Economics, 1990;

"Economic Equilibrium and Economic Mechanisms", Moscow, Nauka, 1990, (in Russian);

"Schumpeterian Dynamics as a Nonlinear Wave Theory", (with G. Henkin), Journal of Mathematical Economics, 1991;

"Rationing, Queues, and Black Markets", Econometrica, 1993;

"Economic Reform in Russia in 1992: The Government Battles Labor Collectives", J. Int. and Comp. Econ., 1995;

"Towards the Theory of Privatization", Working Paper WP/96/001, CEMI,1996; Transformational Recesssion in Russia , EMM, 1996 (in Russian);

Factors of Corruption, EMM, 1998 (in Russian);

"A difference-differential analogue of the Burgers equation and some models of economic development" (with G.Henkin), Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems,1999;

Institutional Traps. In: L.R. Klein and M. Pomer (eds.), The new Russia: Economic Transition Reconsidered, Ch.6. Stanford Univ. Press (in print).

Other Affiliations, Honors, and Editorships

Fellow, Econometric Society, 1989;
Walras - Bowley Lecture, 1991;
Member, Academia Europaea, 1992;
Correspondent member, Russian Academy of Sciences, 2000.
Kondratiev Prize Laureate, Russian Academy of Sciences, 1992;
Kantorovich Prize Laureate, Russian Academy of Sciences, 1999.

Member, Program Committee

Fifth World Congress of the Econometric Society, 1985;
European Meeting of the Econometric Society, 1991;
Tenth Annual Congress of EEA, 1995.

Member, Editorial Board

J. of Mathematical Economics, 1985 - present;
Economica i Matematicheskie Metody (Russian), 1994 - present;
Economicheskaja Nauka Sovremennoj Rossii (Russian), 1998 - present;
Mathematical Social Sciences, 1995 - 1999;
Associate Editor, Econometrica, 1989 - 1995

Member, International Advisory Board

EERC Russia Economics ResearchProgramm, 1995 - present;
New Economic School, 1996 - present;
European University at St.Petersburg, 1996 - present.

Present Research Interests

1. Theory of Transition
2. Economic Dynamics

Courses taught

At New Economic School: Money, Inflation and Economic Growth; Advanced Macroeconomics; Transition; International Trade.

At Moscow State University: Elements of General Equilibrium Theory; Theories of Unemployment and Inflation


Nakhimovsky pr., 47, office 809
Moscow 117418, Russia
Phone: (495) 779-14-85
E-mail: polterov (at)

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