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Maria Petrova




Banking Group "Alfa-BankAssistant Professor of Economics


PhD, Political Economy and Government, Harvard University


2007-2008 Graduate Society Dissertation Completion Fellowship, Harvard University
2006 Best Paper Prize, XI Spring Meeting of Young Economists, Seville, Spain
2006 Hayek Fund for Scholars, Institute of Humane Studies
2005, 2006 Travel Grants, IQSS, Harvard University
2005, 2006 Summer Research Grants, Harvard University
2004 – 2006 Graduate Student Fellowship, Harvard University
2004 Best Student Paper, New Economic School School

Teaching at NES

Politics and Finance, Inequality and Redistribution, and Microeconomics-4 (graduate)



Working Papers

“Newspapers and Parties: How Advertising Revenue Created an Independent Press” (March 2010)
revise and resubmit to American Political Science Review

“Evolution of Risk and Political Regimes” (with Robert Bates), September 2010

“Mass Media and Special Interest Groups”, August 2010

“Politics, Instability, and International Equity Flows” (with Art Durnev, Ruben Enikolopov, and
Veronica Santarosa), February 2009

“Cross-border effects of foreign media: Serbian radio and nationalism in Croatia” (with Stefano
DellaVigna, Ruben Enikolopov, Vera Mironova, and Ekaterina Zhuravskaya)


“Media and Political Persuasion: Evidence from Russia" (with Ruben Enikolopov and Ekaterina
Zhuravskaya), forthcoming in American Economic Review

“Inequality and Media Capture” Journal of Public Economics, February 2008, 92 (1-2) , pp. 183-212

“Political Economy of Media Capture,” in Information and Public Choice: From Media Markets to
Policy Making, ed. by Roumeen Islam, World Bank. pp. 121-138


Office #1.03, 100 Novaya Street
Skolkovo, Moscow, Russia, 143025
Phone: +7 (495) 956 95 08 ext. 150
E-mail: mpetrova (at)

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