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International Interns

Why NES?

NES was established as a Russian-Western educational partnership intended to promote international standards of education to the best Russian students. And it has succeeded: Research Papers in Economics ranks NES as the best economics institution in any post-communist country, and NES is home to CEFIR, a top-tier economics think tank recognized worldwide. As an internationally-oriented university, NES provides a productive and accessible atmosphere for students interested in working with a prestigious economics institute or studying Russian. Besides work, NES offers a variety of benefits: enrollment in a Russian language course or in one of the HSE-NES BA or NES MA-level courses; participation in all NES student events; free round trip airfare from the United States; and a fellowship that covers living expenses in Moscow. The internship also includes a multiple-entry visa and free housing in a dormitory with NES students. The minimum workload is around four hours per day. In addition, selected applicants are fitted with customized internships catering to their personal and professional skills and goals.

Please explore the topics below if you are interested in interning at the New Economic School:


NES invites applications for semester-long internships beginning Fall 2013. Undergraduates are invited to apply starting their junior year. Applications from sophomores will also be accepted, but at least junior standing is preferred. 

Who Should Apply 

NES can accommodate different types of people with various backgrounds, academic and professional interests, and different levels of Russian language proficiency (including those without any prior experience). NES seeks motivated young people who can inspire those around them with their innovative attitudes, and who are excited about making lasting contributions to the reformation of Russian academia. 

Possible Internship Roles 

Many types of assignments, ranging from administrative work to full-fledged projects, are available: 

1. Marketing and promoting the new internship program

2. International exchange office assistant

3. Library attendant

4. Receptionist

5. English editor

6. English writer

7. Webmaster of NES website in English

8. Computer lab attendant

9. Journalist for the NES newspaper

10. Designer for the NES newspaper

11. Editor of the NES English handbook

12. Charity coordinator (Russian orphanage connections)

13. Marketing and promoting NES Summer School program

14. Alumni relations

15. Reporting and budgeting

16. Accounting assistant

17. Faculty assistant

18. Staff assistant

19. Bachelor student counselor (helps BA students apply abroad)

20. English language publicist 

The NES International Internship Program is in its formative stages. As it matures, the list of options will become more predictable. As for now, take advantage of the opportunity to play a role in this program’s development. NES is strengthening its efforts towards international integration, and as a result, chosen candidates should be prepared to work directly with faculty at every level of NES governance. 

How to Apply 

Those interested should apply in writing via email to: 

Applicants should either have a passport or intend to immediately obtain a passport, and should be ready to apply for a Russian visa. Applicants should also be prepared to adapt to life in Russia. Knowledge of Russian language is a plus, but is not required. 

Application Deadlines 

The application deadlines for the NES International Internship Program are April 15 for the fall semester and October 15 for the spring semester. Please check with your college or university to see if they have other deadlines and procedures for deciding on internship opportunities. 

Selection Process 

Candidates will be evaluated based on the following: 

  •          A personal statement that describes their plans to both contribute to NES and work towards their own goals at NES
  •          A resume or CV
  •          At least two letters of reference (at least one of which should be from college faculty

The Intern Experience 

I study linguistics at the University of Texas at Austin, but I am currently interning at NES. It’s no secret that Westerner preconceptions about Russian academia anticipate a bureaucratic, impersonal mess. But NES is different—not only from this preconception but also, in a refreshing way, from Western institutions. I’ve been surprised and encouraged by the wide variety of jobs I’ve been entrusted with here, and I can guarantee that an internship at NES will expose you to tasks of a much higher caliber than those your peers will likely enjoy at their obligatory internships with the same old companies. If you’re adventurous, you should consider applying. 

- Andy McMahon, NES International Intern 

Because NES interns have access to free enrollment in a couple NES classes, they get to be part of both sides of the NES community: faculty and students. Living at the NES dormitories further ensures both complete immersion in NES culture as well as great exposure to the Russian language. Those with little prior knowledge of Russian should not worry; NES students love to practice their English! 

Facts about NES 

  •          NES was founded in 1992 by Gur Ofer and Valery Makarov, with support from George Soros, in an ambitious move
             to modernize economics in Russia.
  •          During his 2009 nuclear arms reduction visit to Moscow, President Obama visited one academic institution: NES.
  •          The NES Writing and Communication Center is the first and only Western-style writing center in Russia.
  •          NES awards three degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Economics (in partnership with the Higher School of Economics),
             Master of Arts in Economics, and Masters in Finance.
  •          Over two thirds of the winners of Russia’s top high school economics contest chose to study in the HSE-NES Bachelor’s program last year.
  •          The NES Career Development Center offers over 50 seminars per year, and prepares NES students for life after graduation.
  •          NES graduates pursue careers with top companies, as well as in academia and the public sector.
  •          NES students are, unofficially, the best table football players in Russia. 

Internships Brochure

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