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NES news
NES professors Oleg Shibanov, Andrei Markevich and Natalia Volchkova participated and presented at the prestigious Gaidar Forum "Russia and the World: the Choice of Priorities,” which took place on January 12-14 аt RANEPA, in Moscow >>>

Rector of the New Economic School Shlomo Weber, guided by the recommendation from the Promotion Committee and confirmation by the NES International Advisory Board has approved two major academic and professional advancements for two professors of the School. As such, Mikhail Drugov has been granted tenure, and Andrei Markevich received tenure and promoted to a full professor >>>

Doug Campbell contributed a blog post on a class replication project conducted at NES to The Replication Network, run by a group of scholars looking to encourage replication in academic economics. Doug and his coauthors have recently hired four Research Assistants at NES to participate in a replication and robustness project, and they have funding to hire more. Inquire if interested >>>

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NES in Media
06 January Econbrowser: Doug Campbell published a Guest Contribution on the impact of exchange rate shocks on manufacturing workers, based on a newly released academic paper >>>
22 November RBC: Conspiracy Theories: How to separate good traders from price manipulators. Anna Obizhaeva about price manipulation >>>
10 June Project Syndicate: "Russia and the Post-Oil Economy" by Vitaly Kazakov >>>
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February 11 (Saturday) / 3:00pm, NES Skolkovo campus (Novaya Ul., d.100). There will be an Open House where you can get all the latest news and information about the NES Admission campaign 2017, to learn about the school, talk to its professors, students and alumni. Registration >>>

Research seminars
January 24 / 1:45pm, r. 114 NES Research SeminarRegis Renault (Universite de Cergy-Pontoise) "Search Direction: Position Externalities and Position Bias"
January 27 / 1:45pm, r. 115 NES Research SeminarSergei Kovbasyuk (Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance)
April 21 / 1:45pm, r. 114 NES Research Seminar: Alexander Wagner (University of Zurich)
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Research papers
The paper by Shlomo Weber, P.C. Dower and V. Ginsburgh "Colonial Legacy, Polarization and Linguistic Disenfranchisement: The Case of the Sri Lankan War" has been accepted by Journal of Development Economics
The paper by Evgeny Yakovlev "Demand for Alcohol Consumption in Russia and Its Implication for Mortalityhas been published in the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics.
The paper by Galina Besstremyannaya (Lead research fellow, CEFIR at NES) "Differential effects of declining rates in a per diem payment system" has been published in Health Economics
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