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NES news
On June 1-2, 2017, NES has hosted Oligo 2017 workshop devoted to optimal firm behavior and game-theoretic modeling of competition. It was a substantial international academic conference, where 25 papers were presented, with each followed by a moderated discussion and a Q&A. Most papers were centered on the issue of imperfect competition on the markets. Yet, there was a significant variety of related topics: from theoretical game theory (continuous time fictitious play and existence of equilibrium with discontinuous payoffs), experiments (showing that people fail to process implications of correlated information), and practical implications of sharing shipping agreements. Prof. Jacques Thisse delivered an illuminating lecture on the history and future of monopolistic competition models. NES CSDSI Managing Director Professor Sergei Izmalkov and research fellow Dr. Alexander Shapoval presented their research >>>

Today, May 25th, marks the 80th birthday of one of the founders of the New Economic School – Academician Valery Leonidovich MAKAROV! The jubilee of our esteemed scientist Valery Makarov coincided with the anniversary of the School, which celebrates its 25th birthday this year. The glorious path that NES has taken in a quarter of a century, its solid role in the formation of modern economic education in Russia, our successful graduates actively developing economics and industry around the world – these achievements would have never come about without the effort, noble dedication and truly amazing wisdom of our dear Academician Makarov. NES community sends our best wishes to our dear colleague and friend! >>>

May, 15. NES launched a corporate training program for Central Bank. The program, which focuses on macroeconomics, will run for 8 months and train about 80 people. NES custom-tailored this corporate training to Bank’s strategic priorities and needs, and designed it in close coordination with Bank’s senior management. >>>

On April 25-26, NES Rector Shlomo Weber, as well as professors Anna Obizhaeva and Sergei Izmalkov delivered presentations at the joint annual Skolteсh / MIT conference called "Shaping the Future: Big Data, Biomedicine and Frontier Technologies," and professor Oleg Shibanov moderated a session on Big Data. >>>

April, 4. Professor Shlomo Weber, NES rector, joined the Academic Council of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, which is its highest body of academic collegiate management. Currently, the chairman of the board is Professor Stephen DeKrey, Senior Vice Dean and Director of Master's programs at the School of Business and Management of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). The NES community congratulates Professor Weber and hopes that this appointment will further strengthen the synergies and cooperation between NES and the SKOLKOVO business school! >>>

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NES in Media
06 January Econbrowser: Doug Campbell published a Guest Contribution on the impact of exchange rate shocks on manufacturing workers, based on a newly released academic paper >>>
22 November RBC: Conspiracy Theories: How to separate good traders from price manipulators. Anna Obizhaeva about price manipulation >>>
10 June Project Syndicate: "Russia and the Post-Oil Economy" by Vitaly Kazakov >>>
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Applications for the 2017 NES-HCEO Summer School on Socioeconomic Inequality are now open. 2017 NES-HCEO will be held at the New Economic School in Moscow from August 28 through September 2. It it the first SSSI to be held in Russia. Details on how to apply, as well as more information, can be found here

Research seminars
June 30 / 1:45 pm, r.114 NES Research SeminarAlexander Field (Santa Clara University): The Impact of World War II on the Growth of US Potential Output
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Research papers
The paper by Gunes Gokmen "Clash of civilizations and the impact of cultural differences on trade" is published in July issue of Journal of Development Economics.
The paper by Stanislav Anatolyev "Foreign Exchange Predictability and Carry Trade: A Decomposition Approach",  joint with  Nikolay Gospodinov, Ibrahim Jamali and Xiaochun Liu, has been accepted by Journal of Empirical Finance.
The paper by Shlomo Weber "Immigration policies, labor complementarities, population size and cultural frictions: Theory and evidence", joint with Thomas Osang, has been published in International Journal of Economic Theory
The paper by Marta Troya Martinez "Self-Enforcing Trade Credit" has been accepted by International Journal of Industrial Organization
The paper by Shlomo Weber "Peripheral diversity: transfers versus public goods", joint with Klaus Desmet и Ignacio Ortuno-Ortin, has been accepted by Social Choice and Welfare
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