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NES International School Olympiad in Economics

The NES School Olympiad aims to promote economic education in high school students. The olympiad takes place in each spring. We invite students grades 8-11 to participate regardless of whether economics is taught at their school. Most of the problems do not require special knowledge in economics to successfully complete them as solutions must demonstrate the ability to logically reason. As of 2011, the contest has been taking place in an online format on the platform

The jury consists of NES students and graduates of different graduating classes. Traditionally, winners will receive certificates and popular scientific literature in economics. Winners of the competition are given no formal advantages for admission to higher education institutions. However, in the process of solving the proposed tasks, the student will be certainly be introduced to new economic ideas that will be useful while applying to university.
You may read reviews of the NES School Olympiad made by the winners, who are now undergraduate students of the Joint NES-HSE Bachelor of Arts in Economics Program here >>>
NES School Olympiad 2014
The fifth Olympiad will begin February 25, 2014 and will continue until April 10, 2014. Please pay attention to news of the Olympiad on the site

NES School Olympiad 2013

NES School Olympiad 2012

NES School Olympiad 2011

NES School Olympiad 2010

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The 4th Workshop on Relational Contracts will be hosted by the Becker-Friedman Institute and the Coase-Sandor Institute for Law and Economics at the University of Chicago on September 14 – 15, 2018. Marta Troya-Martinez co-organizes the workshop. The call for papers can be found here. Submissions are welcome until April 10.
CANCELED February 19 / 1.45 pm, r. 114 Job Market Seminar: Weija Li (Berkeley) "Rotation, Performance Rewards, and Property Rights"
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