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Twice a year, in the spring and fall, NES organizes international conferences that attract a broad audience of economists who discuss their research with MAE students. While the fall conference (in October-November) brings speakers who are NES faculty and researchers from other economics departments, the spring conference (in April) hosts second-year MAE students as its main presenters – giving students the chance to see how much student research can accomplish. Each conference also features one or two Distinguished Lectures given by renowned economists. Beyond these regular conferences, the New Economic School occasionally holds thematic conferences in cooperation with other Russian research universities.

Conference XXXVI, Nov 26-27, 2015

Conference XXXV, Apr 16-17, 2015

Conference XXXIV, Apr 10-11, 2014
Conference XXXII, Apr 11-13, 2013

Conference XXXIII, Oct 11-12, 2013

Conference "20 Years of Modern Economic Education and Research in Russia", Dec 13-16, 2012

Conference ХХХI, Apr 12-14, 2012 International conference “Property in Russia: Concepts and Institutions in Past and Present”, June 20, 2011
The 4th CAS Annual Academic Conference General Equilibrium Analysis, June 3-4, 2011, HSE Conference XIX, Apr 14-16, 2011

Conference XXVII, Apr 15-17, 2010

Conference XXVIII, Nov 11-13, 2010

October 23-24 / Marriott Grand Hotel (26/1 Tverskaya Str.) The Global Institute 5th Annual International Conference “Global Crisis: The Next Wave of Challenges”. Draft Program Outline

June 4-6 / HSE 3rd CAS Annual Research Conference Rationality, Behavior, and Experiments”. The keynote speakers: Jorgen Weibull (Stockholm School of Economics) and Thomas Palfrey (California Institute of Technology).

Conference XXV, Apr 16-17, 2009

Conference XXVI, Nov 12-14, 2009

Conference XXIII, May 2-4, 2008

Conference XXIV, Nov 6-8, 2008

"Frontiers of Political Economics", May 30-31, 2008, SU-HSE, NES

Conference XXII, Nov 8-10, 2007

"Frontiers of Macroeconomics and International Economics",
May 24-26, 2007, NES, SU-HSE

Conference XXI, May 10-12, 2007

Conference XX, November 9-11, 2006

Conference XIX, May 11-13, 2006

Conference XVIII, November 3-5, 2005

Conference XVII, May 12-14, 2005

Conference XVI, October 14-16, 2004

Conference XV, April 7-9, 2004

Conference XIV, October 9-11, 2003

"The State of Economics and of Transition Honoring 10 years of the New Economic School",December 19-21, 2002: Conference CD (pdf, ppt) >>

Conference XIII, April 17-19 , 2003

Conference XII, October 3-5, 2002

Conference XI, April 18-20, 2002

Conference X, November 1-3, 2001

Conference IX, April 19-21, 2001

Conference VIII, Fall 2000

Conference VII, Spring 2000

Conference VI, Fall 1999

Conference V, Spring 1999

Conference IV, Fall 1998

Conference III, Spring 1998

Conference II, Fall 1997

Conference I, Spring 1997

Conference, Fall 1996

Conference, Spring 1996

Conference, Fall 1995

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Applications for the 2017 NES-HCEO Summer School on Socioeconomic Inequality are now open. 2017 NES-HCEO will be held at the New Economic School in Moscow from August 28 through September 2. It it the first SSSI to be held in Russia. Details on how to apply, as well as more information, can be found here
June 30 / 1:45 pm, r.114 NES Research SeminarAlexander Field (Santa Clara University): The Impact of World War II on the Growth of US Potential Output
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22.11.2016 RBC: Conspiracy Theories: How to separate good traders from price manipulators. Anna Obizhaeva about price manipulation >>>
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