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CENTER for the Study of Diversity and Social Interactions


January 24 / 1:45pm, r. 114 NES Research SeminarRegis Renault (Universite de Cergy-Pontoise) "Search Direction: Position Externalities and Position Bias"
January 27 / 1:45pm, r. 115 NES Research SeminarSergei Kovbasyuk (Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance)
February 11 (Saturday) / 3:00pm, NES Skolkovo campus (Novaya Ul., d.100). There will be an Open House where you can get all the latest news and information about the NES Admission campaign 2017, to learn about the school, talk to its professors, students and alumni. Registration >>>
April 21 / 1:45pm, r. 114 NES Research Seminar: Alexander Wagner (University of Zurich)

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