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Ruben Enikolopov Will Become Rector of the New Economic School on September 1, 2018

Professor Shlomo Weber will serve in the position of NES rector until September 1, 2018

NES professor Ruben S. Enikolopov will be appointed rector of the New Economic School on September 1, 2018. This comes as a decision by the School’s Board of Directors, which met for the 59th time on July 12, 2017. In addition, professor Enikolopov will join NES Board of Directors effective immediately.

Meanwhile, professor Shlomo Weber will remain in the position of NES rector until September 1, 2018. NES board has decided further that on September 1, 2018, professor Weber will assume the post of the President of the NES. At the same time, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Valery Makarov, currently the President of NES, will become the President Emeritus of NES from September 1, 2018.

On behalf of the whole NES community, we congratulate professor Ruben Enikolopov, as well as professor Shlomo Weber and academician Valery Makarov on their appointments!

Ruben Enikolopov, NES graduate of 2002 (MAE’2002), also holds a PhD in Economics from Harvard University and MSc in Physics from Moscow State University. He is an ICREA research professor at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, and the Peter Aven associate professor of finance at NES. He was a member of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton in 2012-2013. His research interests include political economy, economics of mass media, and development economics. He has published in American Economic Review, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Review of Economic Studies, Proceedings of National Academy of Science, American Political Science Review, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, and Journal of Public Economics.

Said Arkady Dvorkovich, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation and Chairman of the Board of Directors at NES: “We are very pleased to welcome Ruben Enikolopov, a graduate of NES, and are confident that his solid academic experience will ensure continuity of the School’s strategy for development and the steady expansion of educational programs. The decision, based on the recommendations of the search committee presented to us, underscores our commitment to strengthening the role of graduates in the School management and strengthening the management team.”

Mr. Dvorkovich sincerely thanked professor Weber for his energy and organizational skills, which he used to guide the School at through sometimes difficult times for it, and expressed gratitude for agreeing to become president of NES for continuing work for the benefit of the School. Mr. Dvorkovich also sincerely thanked academician Makarov, who was at the core of NES formation, for his colossal work on the creation of the School and its transformation into the leading economic university of the Russian Federation, and wished Valery Leonidovich further success in his selfless and fruitful work in the field of science, public education, and enlightenment.

New Economic School (NES) is a unique higher education and research institute established in 1992.
The mission of the New Economic School – modern economic education and research for the Russian society, business, and government.
The quality of education at NES relies mainly on a strong faculty of Russian and foreign professors with PhD in economics and finance from the world’s leading universities, and a strong body of students. NES degree is highly regarded in Russia and abroad. NES graduates build careers in prestigious international and Russian companies; continue their studies towards PhD or MBA degrees at leading universities around the world.
The main scope of NES activities is: education, research, corporate training, development of economic education in Russia and the CIS countries. >>>

NES Commencement 2017 Took Place at the Moscow International Performing Arts Center

102 NES graduates received diplomas!

On July 7, New Economic School held its 24th Commencement Ceremony in the Chamber Hall of the Moscow International Performing Arts Center.

By tradition, the event was led by Zarema Kasabieva, NES Vice-Rector for Educational and Students Affairs. Professor Shlomo Weber, NES Rector, greeted the School graduates and guests of the event.

The annual Yegor Gaidar honorary lecture on economic policy is traditionally part of the NES Commencement. The eighth lecture held this year, on “How Economic Science Helps Central Banks Make Decisions,” was delivered by Elvira Nabiullina, the Governor of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Ms. Nabiullina also delivered a warm congratulatory message to the graduates of 2017.

On the 25th year since NES was established, 102 graduates received diplomas from NES: 47 Bachelors of Arts in Economics, 31 Masters of Arts in Economics, eight Masters of Arts in Energy Economics, one Master of Science in Energy Economics, 11 Masters of Science in Finance, and four graduates with a Masters of Finance degree.

The best NES graduates of 2017 were also celebrated: the 34th nominee of the Don Patinkin Award— the highest academic honor for excellence in study, teaching, and research—is Alexey Filippov (MAE’2017), and the honorary diploma Bachelor of Excellence went to Roman Sigalov (BAE’2017), who has already been enrolled in PhD at Harvard University. >>>

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NES’s Commencement on Its 25th Year Is Marked by a Keynote by Elvira Nabiullina

The head of the Central Bank of Russia said that NES is a natural partner for the regulator

On Friday, July 7, the Commencement Ceremony for the graduates of the New Economic School was marked with a keynote presentation and a sendoff by the Governor of the Central Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina.

From the podium of the Moscow International Performing Arts Center, where the ceremony was held, the head of the Central Bank said that her agency is a natural partner of the School.

“This year, when NES celebrates its 25th anniversary, it is a great honor for us to host the head of the country’s central financial regulator,” said NES Rector Professor Shlomo Weber. “As we are already closely cooperating with the Central Bank—and, of course, we will develop this cooperation in the future. The Central Bank should remain one of our important partners.” Professor Weber also stressed that “NES students are very highly rated among employers around the world, and it’s only logical if more of our talents contribute at the key government structure responsible for economic development—at the Central Bank of Russia.” >>>

The paper by Stanislav Anatolyev and Nikolay Gospodinov "Multivariate Return Decomposition: Theory and Implications" has been accepted by Econometric Reviews
The paper by Mikhail Drugov and Dmitry Ryvkin "Biased Contests for Symmetric Players" is published in May issue of Games and Economic Behavior in the John Nash Memorial Special Issue
On June 26, 2017 the 2nd NES - Yegor Gaidar Foundation summer school on modern microeconomics started in the Moscow area. During 2 weeks the young faculty from regional universities learns classical and new models of industrial economics. NES Professor Mikhail Drugov gives lectures and also consults the participants on prepared syllabi.
The paper by Gunes Gokmen "Clash of civilizations and the impact of cultural differences on trade" is published in July issue of Journal of Development Economics.
On June 1-2, 2017, NES has hosted Oligo 2017 workshop devoted to optimal firm behavior and game-theoretic modeling of competition. It was a substantial international academic conference, where 25 papers were presented, with each followed by a moderated discussion and a Q&A. Most papers were centered on the issue of imperfect competition on the markets. Yet, there was a significant variety of related topics: from theoretical game theory (continuous time fictitious play and existence of equilibrium with discontinuous payoffs), experiments (showing that people fail to process implications of correlated information), and practical implications of sharing shipping agreements. Prof. Jacques Thisse delivered an illuminating lecture on the history and future of monopolistic competition models. NES CSDSI Managing Director Professor Sergei Izmalkov and research fellow Dr. Alexander Shapoval presented their research.
Academician Makarov Turns 80

Today, May 25th, marks the 80th birthday of one of the founders of the New Economic School and its President – Academician Valery Leonidovich MAKAROV!

The jubilee of our esteemed scientist Valery Makarov coincided with the anniversary of the School, which celebrates its 25th birthday this year.

The glorious path that NES has taken in a quarter of a century, its solid role in the formation of modern economic education in Russia, our successful graduates actively developing economics and industry around the world – these achievements would have never come about without the effort, noble dedication and truly amazing wisdom of our dear Academician Makarov.

NES community sends our best wishes to our dear colleague and friend! >>>

NES Launched a Corporate Training Program for Central Bank

May, 15. NES launched a corporate training program for Central Bank. The program, which focuses on macroeconomics, will run for 8 months and train about 80 people. NES custom-tailored this corporate training to Bank’s strategic priorities and needs, and designed it in close coordination with Bank’s senior management. Advanced analysis techniques for international trade, world’s financial system and currency regimes, as well as correlations between risks and trends are just some of the components at the core of the program. NES team that developed the course includes professors Oleg Shibanov, Konstantin Styrin, Valery Charnavoki and Sergey Golovan. >>>
NES Professors Presented at the Joint Annual Skolteсh / MIT Conference

On April 25-26, NES Rector Shlomo Weber, as well as professors Anna Obizhaeva and Sergei Izmalkov delivered presentations at the joint annual Skolteсh / MIT conference called "Shaping the Future: Big Data, Biomedicine and Frontier Technologies," and professor Oleg Shibanov moderated a session on Big Data.

Among other speakers of note were Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Arkady Dvorkovich, co-founder and senior partner of the architectural bureau Herzog & de Meuron Pierre de Meuron, Skoltech professor Vladimir Zelman, President of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO Andrei Sharonov, Adviser to the President of the Skolkovo Foundation Pekka Viljakainen, and many others. >>>

Sessions on Big Data (VIDEO) >>>

NES Rector Shlomo Weber joined the Academic Council of the SKOLKOVO Business School
April, 4. Professor Shlomo Weber, NES rector, joined the Academic Council of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, which is its highest body of academic collegiate management. Currently, the chairman of the board is Professor Stephen DeKrey, Senior Vice Dean and Director of Master's programs at the School of Business and Management of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST).
The NES community congratulates Professor Weber and hopes that this appointment will further strengthen the synergies and cooperation between NES and the SKOLKOVO business school!
The paper by Stanislav Anatolyev "Foreign Exchange Predictability and Carry Trade: A Decomposition Approach",  joint with  Nikolay Gospodinov, Ibrahim Jamali and Xiaochun Liu, has been accepted by Journal of Empirical Finance.
A paper by NES Associate Professor Patrick J. KellyMacroeconomic Expectations and the Size, Value, and Momentum Factors” with Mikael C. Bergbrant, published in the Winter 2016 issue of Financial Management has received an important acknowledgement as the “Best paper in the Winter 2016 issue of Financial Management”.
NES is delighted to announce that Mr. Michele Valsecchi (PhD, University of Gothenburg) has accepted our offer to join our professor’s team. He will come aboard by the next September. 
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