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The NES 25th Anniversary Conference
CENTER for the Study of Diversity and Social Interactions


Why NES?

Over its 20 years of existence, NES has placed more than 360 of its MA in Economics graduates in PhD programs abroad, including more than 50 to top-5 PhD programs in Economics. Now NES graduates are among faculty of the top economics departments in the world, including MIT, Princeton, Yale, Berkeley, and the London School of Economics. NES offers a 2-year Master’s program in economics (MAE - Master of Arts in Economics) and a 2-year program in finance for mid-career finance professionals (MiF - Masters in Finance).

Since 2011, NES has offered an undergraduate program in economics in partnership with another prominent Russian institution – the Higher School of Economics (HSE). The Joint HSE-NES Undergraduate Program is the first undergraduate program in Russia to combine liberal arts and science curricula. The goal of such a balanced curriculum is to provide a broad liberal arts education while also offering a strong, structured core in economics and mathematics. Due to high competition among our applicants, NES enrolls only the best and most ambitious students. Class size at NES is very small, allowing for frequent interaction between students and professors. All of these factors make the environment and study experience at NES exciting and unique.

For international students NES offers  two ways of studying:

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21 April, Limmud Moscow Conference 2018, “Klyazma” resort place. NES rector Shlomo Weber will deliver a lecture "Hebrew and Esperanto - the tale of two languages". More information >>>
May 29-31, New Economic School. Philippe Aghion, a Professor at Harvard University and the College de France, will give a series of three Zvi Griliches lectures entitled "Firm Dynamics and the Measurement of Growth". Register here >>>
April 27 / 1:45pm, r. 113 NES Research SeminarPablo Selaya (University of Copenhagen)
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