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The NES 25th Anniversary Conference
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NES is 20!

The New Economic School has held the 20th Anniversary Research Conference
“20 Years of Modern Economic Education and Research in Russia” 

On December 13-16, 2012 The New Economic School celebrated its 20th Anniversary in the World Trade Center in Moscow. NES held the 20th Anniversary Conference that included academic sessions,
policy roundtables, a special Decision Theory Workshop, a Formal Dinner, a Gala Reunion and other events attended by more than 1350 of NES students, professors, staff and alumni, partners and donors. The Conference brought together academics and practitioners from all over the world, most of which studied or taught at NES at different times. In total, more than one hundred research papers from all areas of economics and finance were presented at the Conference. Detailed program 

Olivier Blanchard, MIT, Chief Economist of the IMF, Member of the NES International Advisory Board in 2001-2007, and Roger Myerson, University of Chicago, Nobel Laureate, NES International Advisory Board Member, were the keynote speakers of the Conference. Olivier Blanchard spoke on the state of the world economy (presentation, video). Roger Myerson delivered a report on fundamental theory of institutions (presentation, video).

The roundtables on economic policy, competitiveness of higher education, internet and challenges for health policy were attended by business, academic and government leaders.
Key speakers at the roundtables were:  Igor Shuvalov, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation; Arkady Dvorkovich, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, President of NES Alumni Association; Igor Fedyukin, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation; Anders Aslund, Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics; Erik Berglof, Chief Economist, EBRD; Member of the NES Board of Directors; Coordinator of the NES International Advisory Board; Alexandra Vacroux, Executive Director, Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Harvard University; Esther Dyson, Chairwoman, EDventure Holdings; Justin Yifu Lin, founder of the China Center for Economic Research, former Chief Economist and Senior Vice President of the World Bank.

More information on the roundtables
More on the Decision Theory Workshop Sessions

At the Formal Dinner on December 14th NES graduate of 1994 Arkady Dvorkovich, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, presented the official address on the NES 20th Anniversary from Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. Mr. Medvedev pointed out NES contribution to the economic development in Russia:

“The New Economic School has become a recognized education center that trains highly qualified specialists in economics and finance... I expect that your knowledge and expertise will continue to help solving key challenges of economic development in Russia, and effective integration of Russia into international educational and research environment.” Scanned document

The Dinner also featured the addresses by the “founding fathers” of the School: Gur Ofer, Professor of the Hebrew University; Member of the NES International Advisory Board; Valery Makarov, Academician of RAS; President of NES; Director of CEMI; Member of the NES International Advisory Board, NES Board of Directors and NES Endowment Foundation Board of Trustees; and Barry Ickes, Professor of the Pennsylvania State University; President and Treasurer of the American Friends of NES; Member of the NES International Advisory Board. Gur Ofer presented his book dedicated to the NES Anniversary “The Miracle of NES: The Foundations of Modern Economics in Russia”. Valery Makarov and Barry Ickes shared their memories of the first years of NES.

NES partners and donors Mikhail Abyzov, Minister for the Open Government Affairs; Peter Aven, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Alfa Banking Group; Member of the NES Board of Directors and NES Endowment Foundation Board of Trustees; Herman Gref, Chairman of the Management Board & CEO of Sberbank; Oleg Kharkhordin, Rector of the European University in St. Petersburg; Andrei Vavilov, Academic Director, Institute for Financial Studies; Member of the NES Endowment Foundation Board of Trustees, congratulated NES with 20th Anniversary.

The Conference also included a broadcast of the video address by investor and philanthropist George Soros, the Chairman of the Open Society Institute, who was the first supporter of the NES. A special 30 minute interview that Mr. Soros gave to the NES Rector Sergei Guriev included Mr. Soros’s views on the open society, the state of global economy, and, of course, New Economic School.
  -  Video (cut version)   -  Video (full version)

New Economic School is grateful to companies and individuals for financial support of the Anniversary events >>>

The conference and gala events were attended by NES friends and partners: Anatoly Akimenko, Vice-President, Access Industries (Eurasia), LLC; Iosif Bakaleynik, Advisor to Chairman of the Board, RENOVA Group; Odd Per Brekk, Senior Resident Representative of the International Monetary Fund in the Russian Federation; Alexander Dolgin, Head of the portal; Dmitry Ermilichev, Director, Public and Government Relations, E.ON Russia; Leonid Kazinets, Founder, Chairman, Barkli Corporation; Michael K?nzi, Executive Vice-President, Lombard Odier & Cie; Elman Mekhtiev, Member of the Board, GE Money Bank; Alexander Mikoyan, Managing Director for Russia, Hewlett-Packard; Oxana Oracheva, Executive Director, The Vladimir Potanin Foundation; Anna Piotrovskaya, Executive Director, private nonprofit foundation Dynasty; Alexander Prosviryakov, Managing Director, The Third Rome; Voldemar Tomusk, Representative of the Open Society Foundation - London; Natalia Khanzhenkova, Managing Director for Russia, EBRD; Natalia N.Shchetinina, Executive Director, Head of External Relations & Corporate Marketing, J.P. Morgan Russia; Maria Yudkevich, Vice Rector, HSE; Oleg Zamulin, Deputy Vice Rector; Faculty of Economics Dean, Higher School of Economics; Igor Zevelev, Director of the Russian Office at the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation; Vladimir Zernov, Rector of the Russian New University; Marina Zhunich, Head of Public Affairs for Russia and CIS, Google Russia; Dmitry Zimin, founder of the Dynasty Foundation.

Welcome Reception, Dec 13

Conference, Dec 14-15
Dinner, Dec 14
Gаla Reunion, Dec 15


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