2017-12-19 Research Conf NES 25 Y

New Economic School 25th Anniversary Conference in Economics and Finance.

New Economic School is celebrating its 25th Anniversary. Today starts the key event  – the Academic Conference in Economics and Finance.

Leading experts from around the world came to the Conference to discuss the international and political economy, industrial development, finance and other issues. In two days world-known scientists from the best universities on the planet will present 62 reports.

Keynote speakers:
François Bourguignon, Paris School of Economics;
Steven Durlauf, University of Chicago;
Matthew Jackson, Stanford University;
Andreu Mas-Colell, Universitat Pompeu Fabra;
Gérard Roland, University of California, Berkeley.

"The Anniversary Conference is a unique opportunity to gather leading experts in economics and finance and discuss key questions of the world economy. Often such dialogues lead to useful decisions, and I will be very happy as NES once again becomes a venue that opens communication between scientists, experts and government", said professor Shlomo Weber, NES rector.

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