2017-12-19 New Economic School is celebrating its 25th Anniversary!

New Economic School is celebrating its 25th Anniversary! For 25 years, NES has managed to create a unique international reputation as the strongest economic and financial institute.

"Since I received the NES diploma – and it was only two years after its foundation – I was a beholder of how the School grew and developed, how it became a leader in the field of economic and financial education, as more and more NES alumni achieved success and recognition. Today, when NES marks a quarter of a century, the School can boast of a number of outstanding achievements, but at the same time it is even more enthusiastic, more energetic and focused on the upcoming victories", said Arkady Dvorkovich, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Board of Directors of NES, NES alumnus.

The School was established on July 21 1992, and on September 1 first 52 students started to study at the program Master of Arts in Economics. In 2000 NES opens the Center for Economic and Financial Research (CEFIR). In 2004 NES published the first issue of NES Paper, and a year later issued NES Alumni Magazine. In 2007 NES started the Master's program Masters in Finance.

In 2011 the first group of students started studying at the HSE and NES joint program in Economics. Most students of this program are usually winners of National Olympiads in Economics. In the same year, with the financial support of the Dmitry Zimin Dynasty  Foundation, NES established the Center for Demographic Research (CDR). Two years later, the School got a grant for the Center for the Study of Social Diversity and Interaction (SCDSI). In 2015 begins the Master's program Economics of Energy and Natural Resources and the program Master of Science in Finance and a year later – the master's program Finance, investment, banks and the program Master of Science in Energy Economics.

Today more than 1600 students have graduated from the School. About 75% of graduates work in business, mainly in leading companies of the Russian and international financial and real sector; 20% of graduates chose an academic career at MIT, Stanford, Yale, Columbia, Penn State, NYU, LSE; 5% of graduates are working in the public sector.

The regular faculty of NES comprises more than 90% professors with PhD in economics and finance from the leading universities of the world, such as: Harvard, MIT, Columbia, NYU, LBS, Wisconsin-Madison, Northwestern University, and others.

"This year NES turns 25 years old. Today, a quarter of a century after its founding, NES is an distinguished economic and financial institution that holds leading positions in Russia and the world. I can say with confidence: we are leaders in our field. Our leadership is based on the unchanged quality of education, which, as I am convinced, will always be in demand. The uniqueness of NES is also in the fact that students and alumni of the School have formed a solid and reliable international community, and this is one of our main achievements", said Shlomo Weber, rector of NES.

Detailed information of the Anniversary events here: 25anniversary.nes.ru/events

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