2017-11-15 Day of English

On November 13, to mark the NES 25th Anniversary, the Department of Humanities and Languages held Day of English. Students of NES MA and BA and the Skolkovo International Gymnasium competed in a quest checking their knowledge of the English language and English-speaking cultures. The English faculty led 6 stations:
  • Asking for Cash Station, where students competed to write the best request for scholarship money to their dream university (Ashley Squires and Matthew Overstreet)
  • Business Negotiation Station, where teams had a chance to go head to head negotiating real-world case studies (Kevin Cancellaro)
  • Don’t get me wrong Station, at which teams had to solve pronunciation puzzles (Tatiana Skopintseva)
  •  Translation/Interpreting Station, where students tried their hand at translating and competed against other students for the title of best translator (Ekaterina Semyonova)
  •  Trivial Pursuit Station, where students tried to guess the topic with clues from cue cards (Alyona Ovchinnikova)
  •  Visual Riddle Station, where students competed to connect the meanings of obscure and interesting visual cues (Anna Volchanskaya)

The event ended with an award ceremony and a hilarious pizza party.

The Department is very much grateful to the students who took part in the quest and the NES staff for their help and support.


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