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BankEx Fin-Tech Startup Announces Pre-ICO Result of 1.5 Million USD

BankEx was founded in 2016 as an independent fin-tech laboratory by Igor Khmel (MAE’2006)

August 1. BankEx, a fin-tech startup offering blockchain-based financial products and fund-raising solutions, has raised the equivalent of 1.5 million USD in token private placement. BankEx was founded in 2016 as an independent fin-tech laboratory by Igor Khmel, a former head of the fin-tech laboratory at Sberbank, graduate of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, New Economic School (MAE’2006), and Stanford Business School.

During a pre-sale via the Waves and Ethereum platforms, 6m PBKX tokens worth 1.5m USD (at the exchange rate registered on August 1, 2017) were sold. 90% of the tokens were sold in private placement with entry barrier set at 10 BTC. At the ICO start, all current PBKX tokens held by buyers will be converted into public BKX tokens at an exchange rate of 1:1.

Professional financial market and crypto industry participants were the main buyers, among which were Asian and European crypto tycoons (Japan, the Netherlands) and several Russian crypto funds.

In total, BankEx has received 70 pre-ICO inquiries from 70 buyers from 12 countries, including Canada, Japan, Australia, France, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Norway, Croatia, Romania, Russia, and Latvia.

According to BankEx founder and CEO Igor Khmel, the first BankEx Foundation ICO issue is planned in autumn 2017. During ICO, 100-150m BankEx tokens worth no less than $20-50m will be sold, mainly to institutional clients. BankEx has already received hard commitments on ICO participation from accredited investors in New York and Palo Alto, including family offices of major New York financiers. In the United States, BankEx tokens will have the status of securities and will be distributed among professional market participants only.

About BankEx

BankEx develops a proof-of-asset protocol for real, financial and crypto assets on blockchain-based infrastructure. The system will function based on the so-called smart assets (internal tokens), which will be issued so that authorized participants can digitalize their assets and raise funds using the benefits of the global market. >>>

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