2016-12-23 Russian Economic Congress

The Third Russian Economic Congress, was held at the Economics Department of Moscow State University named after Lomonosov on December 19-23, 2016. Rector of NES Shlomo Weber presented "Diversity indices" at a special session devoted to research at NES, and CSDSI researchers Denis Davydov and Alexander Shapoval presented on "Identification Data on the Regional Distribution of Languages in China," Alexander Shapoval delivered a report "Perturbation of the Distribution of Entrepreneurial Abilities Under Migration and Employment Structure” and Konstantin Sorokin brought a presentation on "The Role of Information in the Escalation of Conflicts.”
Professor Shlomo Weber also coordinated Conference 5 "Interdisciplinary Studies in Economics (Statistics, Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, etc.).” NES professor Natalia Volchkova took part in the round table "Preparing a New Generation of Economists and Researchers: What to Do, How and for Whom," Professor Yeugeny Yakovlev made a presentation "The Causal Effect of Serving in the Army on Health. Evidence from Gorbachev Demilitarization Reform. “ Professor Valery Chernooky presented on "International Risk Sharing and Optimal Monetary Policy in a Low Raw-material Economy" and Professor Irina Denisova reported on "The Labor Market Retirement in Russia: Individual Trajectories.” Congress program >>>

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