2016-12-16 Renova Group professorship

Renova Group of companies renewed its support for NES and established a professorship

In November 2016 Renova Group of companies decided to resume its financial support for NES and established professorship for Grigory V. Kosenok, PhD, professor of economics for the 2016-2017 academic year.
NES and Renova Group of companies have a solid and beneficial relationship. In 2008-2012 Renova played a significant role in establishing and supporting the NES endowment. In addition, Mr. Vladimir P. Kraemer, the managing director of Renova is a member of the Board of Trustees of NES endowment.
New Economic School wishes to extend its deepest gratitude to Renova Group of companies, and, personally, to Viktor Vekselberg for their generous support.
Renova Group of companies is a leading international private business group, consisting of management, funds and assets management companies, direct and portfolio investments in the metallurgical, mining, chemical, construction industries, transport, energy, telecommunications, high-tech engineering, utilities, medicine and the financial sector in Russia and abroad (CIS countries, Switzerland, Italy, South Africa and the United States).

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