2016-11-15 Izmalkov workshop

On November 15 - 19 NES CSDSI organized the 2nd workshop for the students and young researchers "Network and social interactions". 42 participants from 6 Russian regions learnt about both theoretical models of network analysis and their practical implications in social & financial networks, transportation networks, and spatial analysis.
The speakers from Russia and abroad were invited to the workshop organized by NES CSDSI Managing Director Professor Sergei IzmalkovTheoretical models were presented by Professor Marcin Dziubi?ski (Warsaw University), Professor Andrei Leonidov (The Lebedev Physical Institute, RAS, and MIPT), Professor Tatiana Mikhailova (RANEPA, NES'97), Daniil Musatov (NES CSDSI and MIPT, MAE'08), Dulustan Nikiforov (Northwestern; MAE'15), Evgenii Safonov (Princeton, MAE'15).
The representatives from HSE and business demonstrated the practical applications of the proposed ideas.

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