2016-09-14 2016 Admissions Campaign Results

2016 Admissions Campaign Results

  • 210 students enrolled, 86 percent increase in magistrate enrollment
  • New element in campaign strategy: Olympiad
  • Grants increase by over x1.5
  • Student housing charge is partially or fully reimbursed

The 2016 NES Admissions campaign went very successfully. In a first in NESs 24 year of operation, 211 new students were admitted; of which 92 were enrolled in magistrate (an 86% increase since last year), 69 news students were enrolled into baccalaureate (of which 63 got enrolled through Russian wide olympiad in economics), and 50 new students joined programs towards Masters degree: MiF, MSF, MSEE.    

Said NES rector, professor Shlomo Weber: Our objective on the enrollment this year has been significantly surpassed, and we are so happy to welcome each and everyone of the new 210 students into our thriving NES community.

This year NES ran admissions campaign on 7 educational programs:

  • magistrate-level programs:

  1. Magistrate in Economics (MAE)

  2. Economics of Energy sector and of natural resources (MAEE)

  1. and a new program Finance, investments, and banks(MAF)

  • one year professional development programs:

  1.  Master of science in Finance (offered by NES for the second year) (MSF)

  2. Master of science in economics of energy sector (a brand-new program at NES) (MSEE)

  • evening professional training program:

             6.   Master in finance (ran for the 10th year) (MiF)

  • baccalaureate-level program (a joint NES/HSE program)

    7. Bachelor of Arts in Economics

NES allowed to apply to five of its programs to all prospective students seeking masters degree or professional development programs (MAE, MAEE/MSEE, MAF/MSF). There were 259 applications received.

Competition level for the state-sponsored awards were up to six applicants to one. So the admissions campaign of 2016 resulted in 92 new students enrolled to magistrate level programs, which exceeds last years result by 86%. One-year programs MSF and MSEE enrolled 14 new students.

Vitaly Kazakov, Program Director: Im satisfied with the result of the admissions campaign. While remaining a somewhat of a niche product, our program has found its way to its target prospective students.

Oleg Shibanov, director of MAF/MASF: Admissions campaign has proven that the finance program is attractive for students. We are glad, that prospective students became interested in our offering, and we will continue to deliver courses of the utmost quality, both with academic and applied substantial components. Its going to be interesting!”   

This year, NES accepted graduate-level students from a much greater variety of colleges. Of those newly admitted into magistrate or applied programs, 56% of students are graduates of MSU, HSE, MIPT (23, 18 and 15 percent, respectively).  The remaining 44% are graduates of   Bauman MSTU, SPbSU, NSU, MGIMO, RANEPA, Financial university and other schools.

Those enrolled come from a wide variety of places, ranging from Moscow and oblast, Saint Petersburg, Novosbirsk, to Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Serbia. About 48% of new students come from Russian regions of Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Ufa, Ekaterinburg, and other.

Prior to being accepted at NES this year, the majority of the new students received degrees in math (33%), economics (31%), or physics/technical (13%).  Its notable, that the same of incoming students with liberal arts education they received previously has risen this year.

Zarema Kasabieva, vice rector for academic and student affairs at NES said: Our NES community has welcomed great new students this year.  It is our hope that they will embrace NESs values and will make us proud, which will in turn, advance the success of NES even further.”   

This years admissions were noted for a novelty in NESs practice an Olympiad in economics which ran on April 2 and July 2 in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, Voronezh and Vladivostok simultaneously, and served as a a basis for advance enrollment of students. The list of internationally recognized tests accepted at NES has been broadened on masters-level programs as well: applied programs took students scores in GRE Match, GRE General, and GMAT.   

In anticipation of its 25th anniversary NES has increased its grant support for students this year, by a factor of 1.5 compared with last years fund. Overall, 7 million rubles has been allocated this year. Of those admitted into magistrate of economics program this year, up to 77% received some kind of financial aid: 20 students were admitted into subsidized spots, 11 students received full or partial scholarship, covering from 10% to 100% of tuition costs at NES. Students of applied programs at NES received 20 grants, and over half of the newcomers received financial support to study at NES, either through government subsidies or from NESs grant fund, or through housing cost reduction.

Ekaterina Maksimova, NES Admissions & Marketing Director: “We are delighted that the measures NES is taking on development of its curriculum and expanding its admissions are bearing fruit”.   

Master in Finance program:
This year, NES ran enrollment on this program for the 11th time, and 26 students – a 33% increase from last year - were accepted and enrolled. More than half of the students have an advanced technical degree, and others are graduates of economic and liberal arts colleges. Most are involved professionally in the financial sector (banks, investment firms and brokerages). There are first and middle tier managers, analyst among the students of MiF.

Alexei Goryaev, director of MiF: We are proud that our program attracted such a solid group, and we are confident that the program will boost their careers. The demand for quality education in finance in Russia is not falling and NES is offering a substantive course load of an international calibre.       

A joint baccalaureate NES with HSE:
In 2016 the joint baccalaureate NSE/HSE ran its 6th campaign. There were 709 applications in total, of which 69 were accepted. The program enjoys a very steady popularity among the winners of the math and economic Olympiads, and this year is not an exception: of the 69 accepted students, 63 are winners and awardees of the national olympiads in economics.  

We extend our warmest congratulations and every wish of continued success to all of those who met and passed the challenges of the admissions campaign at NES!

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