2016-09-02 Dvorkovich

Deputy prime minister Arkady Dvorkovich visited New Economic School in SKOLKOVO

Moscow, September 2, 2016.  Deputy prime minister Arkady Dvorkovich addressed new students at the opening of orientation session at New Economic School (NES). Mr. Dvorkovich himself is a graduate of NES and currently chairs its board of directors. He pointed out that it is the persistence and the kind of education available at NES that will ultimately help achieve some real progress and improvement of the situation, on the backdrop of the current economic difficulties. 

Traditionally, NES opens its school season with the orientation session a day earlier than other universities in the country. Students are introduced to the curriculum, modeled after the best international programs, as well as to the support facilities of the school, such as computer labs, library, and other services.

Dr. Shlomo Weber, NES Rector, said in his greetings to students: “This year, the School ran a successful admission campaign for seven programs instead of five we ran last year.  We noted a very strong interest towards our applied programs in Economics and are eager to wish everyone in our NES community a Never Ending Success!”

Said Zarema Kasabieva, vice rector for academic and student affairs at NES: “Our program became even more in tune with the market demands, in terms of not only academic but applied components as well. And so we noted that the interest towards our new graduate-level program called Finance, Investments and Banks from perspective students has far exceed our expectations.”

The New Economic School is a private graduate school in economics in Moscow founded in 1992. NES’s degrees are highly valued both in Russia and abroad. The mission of the New Economic School is to benefit Russia's private and public sectors through excellence in economics education and research. The core of NES is its resident faculty of 30 young economists with PhDs in economics and finance from the world leading universities, including Harvard, MIT, Columbia, NYU, LBS, Wisconsin-Madison. NES offers three academic programs: two-year master programs in economics and finance, and an undergraduate program jointly with the Higher School of Economics. It is also active in policy advice and executive education.

NES is ranked the best economics institution in the former communist countries in the research ranking by RePEc (Research Papers in Economics). SSRN (Social Science Research Network) ranks NES in the top 5 percent among best economics departments in the world. NES's think tank CEFIR (Centre for Economic and Financial Research) is ranked a top 25 economic think tank in the world by RePEc.

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