2016-04-07 Zoaby Hosny Associate Professor

The NES acting rector Shlomo Weber has approved the NES Tenure and Promotion Committee composed of Stanislav Anatolyev (Chair), Barry Ickes (Penn State University), Oleg Itskhoki (Princeton University), Grigory Kosenok, Larry Samuelson (Yale University), Ilya Strebulaev (Stanford University) recommendation to promote Hosni Zoabi to the Associate Professor rank. NES congratulates Hosni with this important step in his career and wishes him further achievements.

Hosni received Ph.D. in Economics at The Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Last publications: 
"Economic Growth and Sector Dynamics,"  2015. European Economic Review, Vol 79 (with Joseph Zeira).
"Do Highly Educated Women Choose Smaller Families?," 2015. Economic Journal, Vol 125 (587) (With Moshe Hazan).
“Sons or Daughters? Endogenous Sex Preferences and the Reversal of the Gender Educational Gap,” 2015. Journal of Demographic Economic, Vol 81 (With Moshe Hazan). 
“International Trade, the Gender Gap and Female Labor Force Participation,” 2014. Journal of Development Economics, Vol 111 (with Philip Saure).


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