2015-09-29 GS

September 28, global financial company Goldman Sachs’ presentation was carried out in NES. Among the guests there were Moscow office employees such as Vladimir Guber (Securities, Vice-president), Zaur Bedoev (IBD, Vice-president), Stanislav Kondratiev, NES 2011 graduate (Global Investment Research) and Elena Prosvirkina. The speakers told some stories about the oldest bank known among the financiers as “The Firm”, described its structure and activities of main divisions. Speaking about the work of the company in Russia, it was noted that Moscow office unites a wide spectrum of investment and banking services and at the same time is one of the most promising and rapidly emerging representations of the global bank. At the end of the presentation, students familiarized themselves with career opportunities offered to young specialists by the company, learned about internship programs in Moscow and London GS offices and requirements necessary for candidates.

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