2015-06-27 Baikal NES CSDSI summer school

Baikal NES CSDSI summer school

On June 27 at Gremyatchinsk (Buryatia) the 2nd (Baikal) NES CSDSI summer school «Culture, Institutions and Diversity» was closed. The school was organized for 26 young faculty from 18 Russian universities. The invited speakers were Professors Alberto Bisin (New York University), Steven N. Durlauf and Theodore Gerber (Wisconsin-Madison), Jean-Philippe Platteau (Namur). Also NES CSDSI research fellows - Professor Paul Dower and Dr. Denis V. Davydov - actively communicated with the participants. At the evening research seminar the participants presented their papers and received comments from the experts. The final roundtable was organized by the Academic Head of NES CSDSI professor Shlomo Weber, who chaired the Academic Committee of the school. 3 foreign participants came to the school. The school started its work on June 22.

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