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Лаборатория исследования социальных отношений и многообразия общества

NES news
NES rector Shlomo Weber has given a lecture “Diversity and social interactions: ideas, methods, results” in the framework of the 2nd International Scientific Conference ‘Science of the Future” in Kazan, Russia. The lecture represents a research project of NES’s own Center for Study of Diversity and Social Interactions >>>

Doug Campbell, with coauthor Lester Lusher, published an article entitled "Drivers of Inequality: Trade Shocks vs. Top Marginal Tax Rates" at In the article, the authors describe their findings that it was sharp declines in top marginal tax rates, and not trade shocks, which led to the sharp rise in inequality concentrated at the top of the income distribution >>>

The 2016 NES Admissions campaign went very successfully. In a first in NES’s 24 year of operation, 211 new students were admitted; of which 92 were enrolled in magistrate (an 86% increase since last year), 69 news students were enrolled into baccalaureate (of which 63 got enrolled through Russian wide olympiad in economics), and 50 new students joined programs towards Master’s degree: MiF, MSF, MSEE >>>

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NES in Media
10 June Project Syndicate: "Russia and the Post-Oil Economy" by Vitaly Kazakov >>>
04 May Bloomberg: The Cost of Moving at Sub-Treasury Speed. Implications of the theory of microstructure invariance, developed by Anna Obizhaeva and Albert S. Kyle, for illiquid bond markets >>>
24 February ALJAZEERA: The UK, EU and Brexit: Who wins and who loses? Vitaly Kazakov about the crisis and oil dependant countries >>>
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Research seminars
On October 21-22, the NES Center for the Study of Diversity and Social Interactions is holding the international scientific conference “Social interactions, norms and development” featuring the leading international experts in the field of economy and social relations. Among them are Larry Blume (Cornell University), Steven Durlauf (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Jean-Philippe Platteau (University of Namur). The conference language is English. Venue, conference program and registration will be announced later.
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Research papers
The paper by Marta Troya Martinez "Vagueness and Information-Sharing" has been accepted to Games and Economic Behavior
The paper by Shlomo Weber, Alexei Savvateev and Daniil Musatov "Gale-Nikaido-Debreu and Milgrom-Shannon: Communal Interactions with Endogenous Community Structures" accepted for publication in the Journal of EconomicTheory
The paper by Anna Obizhaeva and Albert S. Kyle "Market microstructure invariance: Empirical hypotheses" published at the Econometrica
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